“You know, I recently started Transcendental Meditation as a gift from [director] David Lynch. He paid for me and my wife, Amy, to learn T.M. And quite frankly, I’m 78 years old and I wish I’d had been doing it for 50 years.”
Graham Nash


Below a Tim Ferriss podcast with the actor Hugh Jackman discussing his experience of TM. (Transcendental Meditation) Between 15m 22s and 19m 42s is where they discuss TM.


Over the course of his sudden rise to fame, Shetty identified three traits he believes successful people share: persistence, dedication to a purpose beyond themselves, and commitment to a meditation practice.


“Thanks, my first for a long time, really enjoyed it.” Steve ~ Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.
Online group meditation every day at 7am & 6pm – sitting comfortably!

Ongoing support to all who have attended a TM course

My first meditation 10 years ago changed my life.
“To this day, that’s how I bring meditation into my life. I make it a part of my life. I don’t skip meditating because I have something to do. I’ll find pockets to fill it in my life.”


A 40-minute investment in yourself could be all it takes to grow your business and find your way to the top of your field.


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Emerging stronger
Last year was one of my toughest ever. I left the company I’d founded back in 2014, went through a divorce, and quit work due to mental fatigue.
Things weren’t easy as I juggled the options of staying in Denmark or returning to my homeland Brazil (without my children). Self-doubt and anxiety grew, and I ended up going to a psychiatrist, starting cognitive therapy and practising transcendental meditation.
All of them were critical as I elected to look inside myself


Meditation is a huge part of Langer’s life and he credits a lot of his success to it.