• Read some feedback from our Transcendental Meditation students


I decided to learn TM as I’d heard it is beneficial for health and general well-being.

I have ME/CFS and had practised various forms of meditation previously as a way of reducing stress and managing my condition however, for me, TM has outstripped all other forms of relaxation therapy as it provides such a quick and reliable route to a very deep sense of calm and peace.

I believe it has aided me significantly in improving my health through providing me with this sense of calm during meditation, as well as strengthening my connection to that peaceful place in myself and the subsequent stress-reduction effect observed in daily life.

I would recommend TM to anyone who is thinking of learning it both as a tool for managing stress and for facilitating a deeper connection to oneself.

I had heard a great deal about the benefits of TM, and had often considered learning. In face whilst I was living in London (about 10 years ago) I actually spoke to a teacher, however the price at that time was prohibitive. I was particularly drawn to the ideal of reducing stress levels and help with relaxation, when I was struggling to sleep. Which to be honest was most of the time.

Since learning with Chris it has become a part of my life. I meditate more often then not and feel the benefits of regular practice. I find it difficult to describe what those benefits are though. I would say that it feels like taking my brain out, washing it with warm soapy water and putting it back in. I sleep much better now, however on the nights I dont sleep to well, meditation still really helps.

It is part of an overall improvement in my health, which includes better nutrition, regular chiropractic, more exercise (a recent marathon is testament to that) and an overall better attitude toward life…

I am a 50 year old Engineer from Teesside and have been practising TM for around 12 years. I learnt TM to reduce the stress in my life which at the time was mainly work based. It has been very successful at this, and that is why I continue to find the time to meditate even though I am extremely busy. The benefits are that I am definitely calmer and less stressed and feel much more energised. After meditating problems do not seem to be so important and I can generally focus on solutions. Sometimes, when I have missed meditating for some reason my wife will notice I am a bit grumpy and ask if I have meditated and if not to do so! She was very sceptical when I started so this is a great endorsement that she notices TM’s positive effect.

I rarely have a eureka moment with TM, and nowadays really notice the difference when I do not meditate or when I am stressed and I need some relief from it. It clearly has long term benefits, that is why you need to practice every day to build up the effect. That said I have had some wonderful meditations and have come out feeling very positive and energised.

There are times when I find TM a struggle and cannot really focus on it with my mind wandering. That is why refreshers are so important to help bring back the simple technique of TM. I was a bit sceptical of TM when I first started, being from a scientific background and my wife even warned me to be careful when I whet to the first meeting! She was worried about the “mumbo jumbo” side of things but I think that adds a bit to the mystic and although my family have asked what my mantra is on many occasions I have never told them.

The bottom line is as a very busy person I still find time for TM after 12 years because it makes a difference.

I have to admit to learning TM on a whim, having read a few testimonials from film-makers and artists that I admire. It turned out to be a practice that I now enjoy, rely on, and have a lot of respect for, In fact, I wouldn’t wish to return to my pre-TM days.

In my personal experience, TM gives a natural sense of well being but also untangles some of the wires in my mind. In times of stress or intense brain activity, when ideas and doubts are tripping over themselves and interrupting rational thought, Transcendental Meditation immediately returns me to a state of calm; I can function like everything is normal. Since practicing TM, I’ve been able to breeze through (and even enjoy) job interviews, presentations and public performances where previously they were certainly no walk in the park.

I was trying to avoid a before & after picture – after all it’s not a diet – but since learning TM I’ve also had several promotions and managed to give up smoking; I hope it doesn’t sound like a nebulous statement, but I have a much more relaxed sense of myself in relation to the universe. It would have been great to learn it at school.

The TM technique is easy to do and requires no great leap of faith or change in belief, but does require a little technical guidance – I thought the course struck a perfect balance of refining technique, giving some background and addressing practicality, and I would recommend it to literally anyone.

I’d been interested in TM for many years after working with several people who practiced it. It was on my ‘to do’ list and when I finally discovered TM Independent with their no nonsense approach and fair pricing, I decided to go for it. I’d been going through a stressful period and was feeling exhausted and in need of something to help.

The benefits I’ve had from TM have been both instant and long term. As soon as I’d learned the technique I began to conquer my stress and fatigue and also saw clearly that I had to remove an ‘unhealthy’ relationship from my life that was largely the cause of all this stress.

The long term benefits have been many. I sleep well and on the very rare occasions that I don’t, I know I have my meditation to get me back to sleep or get me through the day ahead. I am a much happier person and day to day ups and downs don’t affect me as much. I also feel the meditation has had a positive effect on my creativity.

To anyone considering learning with TM Independent I’d say – go for it!

I leaned TM in the mid 1990s, turning to it as I was desperately trying to find something that would help me cope with the emotional and physical overload that is teaching.

Deadlines and decisions, frustration and fury are the day-to-day of teaching and TM has helped me find an inner calmness when things have been at their most challenging: an inner calmness that allows me to think more clearly and make decisions.

It’s not all perfect and I go through periods when I don’t meditate but I always turn back to it and I always appreciate the benefits. Anxiety is something that hits me when I am under stress and overloaded – TM has been fantastic in helping me manage that anxiety, through finding, as I have said, an inner calmness.

Greetings from Northern Thailand where, we escaped to following my retirement nearly 7 years ago at the youngish age of 52. For a number of years now I have joked with friends that my overall objective was to live a fit and full life with age 100 as my first target, and my early retirement and move here was all part of this “master plan.” When I left England I deliberately tried to bring as little as possible materially, with the objective of building a new lifestyle, but I did bring with me one very important, in fact an essential element of my life, and that is my Transcendental Meditation.

You may have found this yourself Chris, as you move through life you make various choices and decisions, but it is quite often not until after the event, sometimes long after, that you can see that the decision made was a good one or not. For me, the decision I made in early 1989 to learn TM has had, and continues to have, an incredibly positive influence on every area of my life, and some reading this may feel that is a little over the top, but take it from a very straight talking Geordie, it most certainly is not.

I do believe that by giving my mind a regular “time out” each day with my TM (sometimes twice is too much for my busy schedule!), I am giving my mind and body the quiet they need to do the natural repair work they were designed to do. Whilst I do not wish to tempt fate, the effects of my long term meditation has left me in pretty good nick for a chap in his late 50’s, with no high blood pressure or other stress related problems that I hear about from guys often much younger than I.

Two closing comments to anyone pondering on whether to learn TM or not.

Firstly, all I will say is, if you do take the plunge, and if you devote 40 mins each and every day, I am sure you too will look back in years to come and say this was one of the best decisions you made.

And by the way, besides the health benefits, the feeling after your TM, cannot be described, certainly at least equal to having an ice cold beer whilst watching the sun disappear into the mountains here in northern Thailand.  Which brings me to my closing comment. My serious advice is to try both, the TM & the ice cold beer..

TM is unlike any other form of mediation as it doesn’t involve the need to constantly, consciously clear the mind.

With TM, when you notice all the trivia, worries and anxieties, day dreaming etc that happen when you sit still for any length of time – you just redirect yourself back into a meditative state using a personal mantra. Sounds simple and it is, and it’s very effective too.

Personally I have been practising TM for several years, 20 minutes a day after work (you should do it twice a day, morning and night, but I find I only do that when on holiday). Previous to TM I found I was suffering from fatigue in the evenings to the point where I was falling asleep regularly before and after tea. Frankly, any written work I did was rubbish.

I felt as if the best of my life was going into the day job and I had nothing in reserve for home and family.

Since doing TM I find I have renewed energy for the evening and almost what I would call ‘morning clarity’ for any work I do thereafter.

I regard TM as a gift. You can do it anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a quiet or even comfortable space. It works even when you think nothing’s happening.

I decided to learn TM as I had been in a car accident and had chronic neck and back pain. Although I had been practising yoga for many years and was interested in healthy living, I was completely sceptical about TM and how repeating a mantra for 20 mins twice a day could have any impact on my health and well-being. Thankfully I put my doubts aside and attend the TM course run by Chris Greathead.

TM has had a profound and hugely positive impact in my life. It helped me firstly manage and then resolve my neck and back pain, but more than that it provides me on a daily basis with a wonderful warm, calming and restorative feeling. I always say that TM is like a fantastic skill you have in your locker.

If I feel exhausted from a day at work and need to go out in the evening and be on good form, I know that after my 20 mins of TMing I’ll feel like I had a 2 hour nap and will be ready for anything. It’s amazing! As a result of my positive experience, friends and family members have also learnt TM and now enjoy the same benefits.

I would strongly recommend TM to everyone, no matter your age or state of health. It is an easy technique which can be used anywhere (I often TM on the London underground or bus!).

I initially learned about TM from a friend about 10 years ago who recommended it as something which is a very useful tool to have in your armour for coping with stress and anxiety. But, as a regular practice, I’ve found it to be much more than that – it is a pleasure, an outlet, a time to process, even a time to relax so much you fall asleep!

Although sleeping isn’t strictly part of the practice, TM stresses the observation and acceptance of your brain’s activity and a very gentle steering back to the mantra. It doesn’t require concentration but does take a bit of practice to allow yourself to think freely! I try to practice everyday and especially notice the benefits when I am stressed or have something circling around in my head. TM seems to break the cycle and gives me a chance to step back from the situation, even if it’s only for the time I’m meditating. It gives my brain time and space to do what it needs to do without me interfering!

I also use TM to help me creatively because it helps to clear my mind and focus on one particular idea or see the connection between ideas. Or even to while away some time – while traveling, for example, I take the time to do some meditation – even if it’s only for ten minutes, I arrive at my destination with my brain a little more sorted than when I left home! But my favorite times to meditate is in places where I think it will be an especially enjoyable experience – in the garden on a sunny day, on the beach on holiday: the combination of the relaxing external situation and meditation is very effective!

It’s basically a really great skill to have learned, whatever the situation is and I’ll be eternally grateful to my friend for recommending it.

I found Chris to be an enlightening and pleasant teacher. He has a calm air about him which is relaxing and very conducive to meditation! In addition to teaching TM, Chris works hard to keep in touch with his pupils and is always on hand if you have questions. He does regular group meditations around the country and communicates with those he’s taught so that you feel part of a community and that Chris is on hand if you should need it (especially useful if you have had a break or have just started practice).

I’m a bit of a workaholic. I care passionately about what I do as the companies I work for have the potential to make a positive impact on a very large number of people’s lives.

I do TM because it makes me more productive – it helps me make better decisions, gives me more energy, and helps me deal with the stressful stuff that inevitably comes along.

I remember my parents learning TM when I was a teenager in the 1970’s. At the time I could not understand why they took time twice a day to sit quietly and meditate but they both said it was really relaxing and good for them! A few years ago I decided I would like to learn and I did one of Chris’s weekend TM training courses in York.

It is one of the best skills I have learnt.

I lead a busy, active, often stressful life. I am mum to twin teenage sons and I work full time as a health visitor and counsellor. TM gives me regular guaranteed time to myself, time to stop, take stock and experience a true sense of inner peace.

I used to have moderately high blood pressure and was at the point two years ago of maybe needing medication for this but since doing TM my blood pressure is normal. Chris runs regular refresher sessions and I enjoy attending these when I can.

I would highly recommend his courses to anyone.

I have been practising yoga for over 20 years and been teaching for 12. I have studied many different systems of meditation during this time but felt unable to commit to a regular practice as on a personal level I felt something was missing. I had been interested in TM but found the cost prohibitive. That was until I discovered Chris Greathead. I found Chris a relaxed and supportive teacher, always on hand to offer advice if needed.

I immediately took the plunge and six years on have never looked back. As soon as I started TM I found what had been previously missing for me in other styles. I loved the simplicity and ease of it. My life (like many) is extremely busy but I always ensure I meditate at least once a day for 20 minutes. The benefits are many. I sleep better, I have more energy, I feel calmer and happier and much better equipped to deal with stress.

I would recommend learning TM to anyone (and indeed do).

I learned TM because I was having panic attacks and didn’t want to take medication, preferring a natural remedy. My sister and brother in law recommended it to me. I was assured by Chris at the introductory meeting that my panic attacks would go and they did.

The benefits of TM go way beyond this, I said hello to my real self for the first time in years experiencing a deep inner peace that had been covered over by the business and doing stuff of my life.

TM has helped me to slow down and enjoy life more with great stress relief. Although I cant say I religiously do my twice a day 20, I can say that I do a regular daily practice, sometimes doing short sessions of 5 to 10 minutes which can still be of great benefit.

I had practised various forms of meditation before learning TM in 2009. Occasionally, I’d feel I was making progress, but, on the whole, I was disappointed. At the core of my frustration was the fact that, rather than leaving me refreshed and alert, the concentration involved in such techniques proved a drain on mind and body.

TM is fundamentally different – an effortless dive to the quietest levels of consciousness – and, from my first meditation, I realised I had found something special. Mental chatter began to slow down, my body felt both serene and energised and, when I emerged, the world seemed a more peaceful, less threatening place than before.

It took some time before I understood just how little one should ‘do’ during a TM session – it’s just a matter of introducing the mantra, letting it take what shape it will and drifting deeper into relaxation – but as my meditations became more effortless, I began to notice real changes in my life.

Generally, I do my first 20 minutes immediately before work, and as a result, I find I’m more on top of things, less anxious and (sometimes surprisingly!) cheery. I’ve experienced an increase in focus, greater emotional control, clearer thinking and heightened confidence. Health-wise, I no longer need to take tablets for a stomach condition I’ve had for years and was able to quit smoking with relative ease.

I’ve also noticed loud noises and similar shocks don’t create strong reactions in me anymore. It’s hard to prove any of these things are solely down to TM, but that’s certainly how it seems to me.

Overall, I’ve come to view meditation as a crucial and enjoyable part of my daily routine. I’m often asked whether I see it as a spiritual or practical pursuit and the answer I give is: ‘both’. One doesn’t have to accept any particular doctrine to learn TM or interpret its effects as anything mystical. But, emerging from a good TM session, it is hard not to marvel at the profound depth of the technique.

About 10 years ago I was an Assistant Head teacher in a large secondary school in the NE of England. I was responsible for staff Continuing Professional Development and attended an introductory TM course out of interest.

It was advertised as an effective stress management technique for senior staff and was being organised by a colleague working for the Local Authority. It was amongst the most effective and long lasting CPD that I have ever attended; I would even go so far as to say it was life changing.

A short but intensive course equipped me with the skills to manage an increasingly demanding work load and young family. Practicing on a daily basis helped to keep the job manageable enjoyable and in perspective.

Gaining a Deputy Headship 3 years later increased my responsibilities and left me feeling I didn’t have time for TM. Within the next 3 years I suffered a debilitating attack of Chronic fatigue the result of a minor cold. Determined to regain my health I took a long hard look at my lifestyle and the constant demands I placed upon myself and realised I rarely took time out to relax and recharge my batteries.

By relaxation I do not mean reading a book, watching TV, going to the gym or even enjoying a glass of wine and a meal with friends. I had continued to do all of those things. I mean the sort of relaxation that like the Mediterranean sun penetrates your very soul (spoken as an atheist) and allows you to renew and rebuild your inner resources. So I went back to TM.

Once ‘trained’ TM provides a constant but quietly unobtrusive network and so it was I who sort out Chris Greathead, my original teacher and asked for help. Over several meetings, with Chris, I relearned the techniques I had let drift, I joined a group of people who where at the beginning of their journey and found myself slipping easily back into the pattern, at no financial cost I should add. TM provides lifelong support one trained.

I did many other things to rebuild my health (returning to work 6 months later and with no reoccurrences of CF) but TM was at the core of those things a reminder that deep relaxation and contemplation are not a luxury but a necessity, that taking time out from work and family is not selfish but a survival mechanism.

I cannot claim I meditate twice a day, everyday but it is a regular part of my life and essential to my well-being.

I came to TM in a roundabout way, on the back of a group of friends who knew more about it than me, and I was intrigued, sceptical but interested enough to come and give it a go.

I had been through an emotionally stressful period and felt a little adrift, anxious, restless, irritable etc and was willing to give TM a chance to help me through these symptoms.

Straight away I found a little corner of quietness within, which I realised had been missing for as long as I could remember, and that became stronger, quieter and more desirable with the doing of TM.

Now I liken it to feeling thirsty when I’ve missed some TM sessions, and then quenching that thirst once I’m back into regularly practising TM. It just feels so satisfying, so necessary  and so right!

Easy to learn, enjoyable to practice. No ability required

You just practice for 20 minutes twice a day sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be able to concentrate. You don’t even have to be able to relax. It is not a religion, philosophy or way of life – just a simple technique. With Transcendental Meditation you can find deep relaxation, decrease stress, increase energy and gain greater clarity of mind.

Convenient course times in accessible locations across the UK

Our courses take place all over the country including North East England, Yorkshire and the North West. Once learned it’s free for life. Its simplicity, subtlety and effectiveness make it the perfect antidote to the pressures of modern life.

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