“Over the years I have googled TM when it has come up in a magazine article or on tv. I often thought I would give it a go ‘one day’, but there was always something else to spend the money and the time on. All that changed when over the course of one year I had a car crash, I suffered physical ill health, mental health issues and my dad died. Suddenly I was faced with a very limited body, mind and life. I was forced into putting my health to the top of the pile as I didn’t want to spend anymore time feeling as bad as I did. I made a list of all the good things I could do to my body and mind and TM was on that list. It was finally time to actually be brave and sign up.

I was so nervous, but by now I had read enough about TM online to date to hope that it might help me feel better. I was worried it would be weird (we all saw the yogic flying on tv in the 80s!) I was worried it would be a waste of money if I never used it or hated it. I was worried it would be really hard and I wouldn’t have the ‘right’ brain to do it. I was even worried I would get signed up to all sorts of other stuff on the day and be drawn into some strange organisation. Mainly I was worried that it wouldn’t really help me, because I already had a meditation app that wasn’t really helping.

How wrong I was! And how much this all makes me giggle now I know what TM is to me! In short, it has been AMAZING. Out of all the things I now try to do to keep healthy (diet, yoga etc) it is by far the easiest most enjoyable to stick to. If you had told me in July (when I did the TM sessions) that I would do it everyday, always find time for it, never find myself making excuses to not do it, and actually love it so much that I would prioritise it over other stuff – I would have told you that you don’t know me. I am always great at starting stuff, but then equally great at letting them drop after a couple of weeks.

For some reason, this just hasn’t happened with TM. I think because I can feel the benefit and the changes soooo much, it just keeps me wanting to do it every day. I try to do it in the morning because then the rest of my day is just incredibly easier than if I don’t. I set my little timer on my phone, tell my family to not come in the bedroom and 24 minutes later, out I come smiling and calm, ready for life! When I do leave it until later, I always regret it, because I realise how much better my day would have been if I’d done it first thing. Now my dream is to reach the fantastic goal of twice a day. I already feel amazing doing it once, so watch out world when I sort out my twice a day practice!

Knowing what I know now, I would say the only prerequisites to giving TM a go are if a) you want your life to be massively better and b) you are a human being!
Give it a go – you will NOT regret it.

Anne ~ York

“I am so gutted I missed the refresher yesterday – I ended up having to work at the last minute.

The good news is that I’ve been meditating at least once every day for 99 days! That Insight Timer you recommended keeps my stats and that’s the sort of thing I like.”
Beccy ~ Hebdon Bridge, West Yorks

“Thanks  for the wonderful series of TM workshops at the weekend. It was a really inspiring, life-affirming and interesting experience which I hope will be the start of a lifelong journey with TM.

My meditations are going great so far.  Overall, I’m starting to feel more energised and clear-headed during the day, even after very active nights with the children!”

Laura ~ York

“Great, finally a meditation I can use”

Andrew ~ Malton, Yorks

“I have stuck with it, and have started to find it is improving. I feel it is definitely worth sticking with it. As we discussed on the course, something is definitely happening!”

Helen ~ York

“So far so good, more in depth then I anticipated and the first session was remarkable – I didn’t think I’d be meditating on my own for 10 minutes so quickly.  Lots to take in & absorb, but fascinating.  Very much enjoying it all, feel very inspired to continue”

Wendy ~ York

“I am continuing with TM which is very beneficial.”

Geof ~ Harrogate  (4 months after York TM course)

“In the meantime I will keep meditating. I’m not thinking about it, I’m just doing it and it seems to be going well… I enjoy doing it anyhow!”

Hilary ~ York

“I do still do TM and believe it is beneficial to me in a number of ways. I do one session each day (not the two you advocate, but I have settled into the routine of one per day well and have it thoroughly integrated into my daily rhythms).

It certainly makes me calmer and I much more ‘look before I leap’ than I did in earlier times.”

Andy ~ York

“Keith and l are still practising TM and agree takeing the weekend course with you in Manchester has been one of the best things we have done.”

Keith & Murina ~ Leeds

“I am still only meditating once a day but I know it is helping.  I have probably only missed 4 days in the last year  so it is all positive.”

Jean ~ Bedale, N.Yorks