Danson, who has been using transcendental meditation for more than twenty years, told EveryDay Health: “Life gets more complicated and stressful the older you are.
“I no longer find [meditation] fun and interesting — I find it a lifesaver.”
Ted Danson echos the experience of tens of thousands of everyday people across the UK and around the world when he says that he finds Transcendental Meditation (TM) a lifesaver.  Having taught TM (Transcendental Meditation) courses for the last 45 years, its a comment I hear again and again from all kinds of people.  Why?  In a nutshell its because it is the easiest meditation technique, simple, effortless, absorbingly pleasant, uncomplicated – do-able.  No concentration, no emptying of the mind.
“I’ve unexpectedly kept up the daily meditations and am surprisingly enjoying them.”
Sophie ~ Whitly Bay, Tyne & Wear (Attended January 22 online TM course)


Interesting article in a generally underwhelming newspaper 🙂