Another excerpt from a Google Review

“I can absolutely recommend Chris Greathead’s training course in T.M. I found him online and took the plunge. I was impressed how easy it was to learn over the internet, with both a helpful one to one tailored sesssion and a few group learning sessions that really worked well. I’ve tried to do mindfulness meditation over the years, but didn’t find it easy or useful, but TM is so much more straightforward and I have really felt the benefits.  I’ve noticed that my concentration is better (impressive with menopause in the mix!)  and I just feel more relaxed in general. I now meditate most days and have found it easy to incorporate into my life – work commitments and all. I am recommending TM to friends and family, my only regret is that I didn’t start TM years ago! ”

Elaine ~ Pickering, North Yorks (Learned TM Online in November 2022)

Another excerpt from a Google Review

“Having tried various forms of meditation and mindfulness over the past 20 years I have never been able to establish a regular practice – until now. The training with Chris was excellent with plenty of theory and practice as well as ongoing support. I wasn’t sure about doing it online, but actually it worked really well and was good to train in the place where I mostly practice. I am am now 4 months in and meditating almost every day so really feeling the benefits. I especially like the fact I can do it anywhere so I often meditate on train/tube journeys. Highly recommend Chris’s course and this secular form of TM without the mumbo jumbo, just a good thorough training in a very accessible form of meditation.”

Karen ~ London (Learned TM online in October 2022)

Excerpt from a Google Review :

“I took the training course from Chris via Zoom in August 2021, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Since taking the course I have read Jack Forum’s book on Transcendental Meditation, and the process by which Chris taught me is exactly the same as Mr Forum’s description of the process. So if you are concerned that you may not be getting the “authentic” experience, have no fear this is the real deal.

About 6 months after learning the technique, I went through a very stressful period in my life. We were in the process of moving into a new home and at the same time my work schedule became way more demanding then usual resulting in long hours, late nights and weekends. I was drowning and let my practice slip. After a couple of months and seeing how much more stressed I was and how poorly I was dealing with these challenges my wife looked at me and said “you need to start meditating again.” As usual she was right. I have since resumed my twice daily practice and the results have been fantastic. I no longer feel stressed, when problems arise, I can meet them with a smile. I am sleeping better and even have emotional energy to not only maintain my relationships, but invest in them. I cannot recommend this class highly enough. If you are considering it, do yourself and those you love a favour and go for it. It is a small investment in yourself that yields benefits far greater then the time and money you put in.”

Tim ~ Texas, USA

Fancy a 3 night Meditation Retreat by the Sea in beautiful Northumberland?

Open to anyone who has attended a TM (Transcendental Meditation) course. Starting at 4pm on Friday 15th and finishing Monday 18th of March.

Give yourself a Spring boost and treat yourself to a lovely 3 night weekend meditation retreat at Alnmouth on the beautiful Northumberland coast this March.

As it happens the November one is now almost full, but I do have some lovely en-suite rooms available for the March one. (NEXT MONTH!) If you’re interested let me know right away.

The per person cost is: Single en-suite room £382, Shared en-suite room £372, Single non en-suite room £352.

Everyone needs a break.

Phew – never more true! The emphasis of these weekends is deep rest & revitalisation, enabling you to gain a clearer experience & understanding of Transcendental Meditation. Regardless of whether you are practising regularly or not, many people use the weekend to re-establish a meditation routine.

The weekend includes extra meditation (in the group or separate as you prefer) with optional simple yoga postures, plus group meetings and discussion. The whole thing is very informal and there is plenty of time to enjoy the company of meditator’s from across the country over lovely meals and leisurely walks.

Nether Grange is a pretty special venue. We’ve been running TM weekends here in Alnmouth for nearly 30 years. Located in this beautiful seaside village within the Northumberland Coastal Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty it’s just a minutes walk onto the beach. The perfect place to rest & revitalise, yet only 45 minutes drive north of Newcastle upon Tyne and a two minute drive from the local railway station on the East coast main line between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh.

“It was a really magical weekend & was so special to be back in Alnmouth and to experience group meditation again.” – Tracey, Inverness

“A really enjoyable weekend I feel rested and very refreshed and better than I have done in ages. It reminds me how good meditation is for me and I should try to start doing it once a day again.” – Becky, York

Interested?  Get in touch with Chris :  + 07969.211886

More comments about the Alnmouth retreats:

“Fabulous weekend at Alnmouth.  It honestly couldn’t have been better. Relaxation, belly laughs, interesting conversation, beautiful scenery, amazing food and a talk by local wildlife extra thrown in! I’ll be there again.” Heather ~ Saltburn, North Yorkshire

 “Many thanks for a most enjoyable weekend at Alnmouth. It ticked all the boxes and I’m pleased my name is down for a return visit next November. It was such a treat to be amongst so many kind like minded people.”  Peter ~ Canterbury, Kent

“A fantastic weekend in Alnmouth. So good to be back there.” Simon ~ Todmordon, West Yorks

“What a lovely TM weekend . It was so lovely to see familiar faces and new. Alnmouth never fails to impress me with its wild beauty”. Paula ~ Derby

“It always blows me away, just how powerful the meditation can be.” Matt ~ London

“Wonderful to be back at Alnmouth.” Sheila ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“Great weekend. Feeling good, relaxed and calm”. John ~ Allendale

“Thank you for organising the retreat; I can honestly say I really enjoyed it. Alnmouth is so beautiful in all weathers and it was wonderful to be surrounded by such friendly and interesting people. I was so sad to leave and come back to normal life!” Tania ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

Excerpt from a recent Google Review

“TM is the single most effective thing I’ve done to regulate my nervous system. Its helped enormously overall, but particularly with anxiety and sleep. I’ve been practising solidly since I did the TM course nine months ago. I have chronic conditions and Chris offering this learning online actually made it accessible to me. There’s no resistance around TM (I’d struggled to keep a consistent practice with other types of meditation in the past) I find it easy, enjoyable and powerfully restful. Every couple of months my practise deepens and more benefits slowly unfold, it’s a really beautiful thing.”

A ~ London


“Though developed in the Vedic tradition, for me TM is not a mystical, religous or even a New Age practice. It is a practical and down to earth way of dispelling stress, and opening up the ideas section of my mind.

No forced focus on the body or on a mantra; no fighting the mind’s purpose, which is to think thoughts. It works the way your mind works. Literally no effort, in fact, effort is a no no! I’ve worked two meditations into my daily routine and the benefits have been dramatic and quite specific; easy stress handling, significantly enhanced creativitive ideas for my business, as well as renewed energy and drive.”

Douglas ~ Tyne & Wear (Learned TM in 1974)


* “The meditation has been great and the online groups are an added bonus too.”  Ian ~ Dunoon, Scotland

* “As ever TM continues to provide moments of sanity and even calm in this crazy, wonderful world!”  Claire ~ York

* “The meditation has been really good, generally doing once a day, late afternoon.” Brian ~ Manchester

* “TM is really powerful and different from all the other methods I have experienced so far.  I already loved meditating, but now I just can’t wait to sit down?  I am doing great and enjoying my meditations.”  Sonja, Lugano, Switzerland

* I wanted to let you know I’ve been using your guided meditation audio file to help keep me on track and its been super helpful.” Ed ~ Los Angeles, US

* “TM is going great, I’m really enjoying it and the online meditations are an added bonus too. I’m in a good routine of 7am and 5pm.”  Sharon ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

* “I really enjoyed tonight, first time I’ve had some peace in ages.” Lawrence ~ Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

* “I just wanted to say a very big thankyou for the TM course.  I have managed to practice twice daily and it has been of enormous benefit.”  Julie ~ Allendale, Northumberland


“Normally if I have a spare 20 minutes, I’ll be on my phone, I’ll be watching something, and that’s it — now I do this. It’s great.” James Corden

I must admit sometimes it does get a bit tiresome to hear of yet another celebrity taking up TM (Transcendental Meditation), but to be fair if it had’nt been for those four young lads from Liverpool most people would never of heard of it – including me 50 years ago.

Since Covid I have been fortunate to discover that teaching TM (Transcendental Meditation) online works beautifully, just as well as face to face, enabling me to introduce people to this wonderful technique across the UK and around the world – brilliant!

Here’s a comment from someone who attended my April 2022 online TM course :

“Twice a day every day for me apart form the odd bump in the road Awesome!”
Tim ~ Richmond, North Yorkshire

* “I am aiming to Zoom at least once a week, hopefully more I am very pleased to be finally getting into TM through the Zooms.”  Tim ~ Manchester

* “Pulled over in my car on random road, feel a bit of an idiot, it is to be done anywhere though hey?  (Late getting home for online meditation so did in car)  Paula ~ Derby

* “Thanks – that was lovely.  Moray ~ Northumberland

* “Thanks – I could have gone on for quite a long time this evening.”  Sue ~ Lincoln

* “Thank you very much. That was great.” 👍  Jongky ~ Edinburgh

* “Thanks – lovely session!  Eva ~ London

* “Thanks! I really enjoyed tonight’s meditation.”  Lucy ~ Humberside

* “Thanks for that, I’ll definitely be back for these as it really helped – especially with my habit of jumping out of meditation too quickly to tick off whatever needs doing!  It was lovely to sink a bit deeper again in that session.”  Mark ~ Humberside

* ” Overall I’m doing much better but one thing that sticks out is not long after I started TM, maybe a couple of weeks, I was having a freak out because I thought I had lost some work records I was supposed to be auditing. I went and sat and meditated and during it I remembered if I did loose them in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. After the meditation I felt so calm and centred and much better overall. It really was a big moment for me because getting overwhelmed and having emotional breakdowns where it all spirals down has been a big problem for me.  I did find the work records a few days later. I still haven’t got round to auditing them>” 😂  Rita ~ Leeds

* “I continue to meditate daily and continue to get enormous benefit from it.  I just completed my first job back to work after 10months away. It is a difficult, highly pressured, very stressful job. (for example I worked without sleep for the last 46 hours!)                                                                                                         Interestingly I did exactly the same job a year ago. A controlled experiment pre and post meditation course! The difference was evident! My communication was more direct and timely, i conducted meetings more effectively, I noted increased confidence, and writing flowed more smoothly. There is no doubt this was partly due to familiarity, but I think meditation also had a huge impact on my approach. This made the whole experience, while just as tiring, more personally beneficial, and quality of the work delivered was improved.” Helen ~ London

* “Thanks, that was great.  This discussion has been so helpful— a great refresher, thanks”  Abi ~ Manchester

* “Wanted to touch in and say hello- I’m still doing my TM practice daily and loving it.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend the Zoom class because of wifi issues currently happening-  I really miss it and wanted to let you know how much I value that your group makes this available.  Hopefully I’ll be back on soon and see you then!”  Niketa ~ Bahamas