Our students have reported a wide range of benefits after meditation including improved health, wellbeing and increased positivity.

Easy to learn

Twenty Minutes Meditation is easy to learn, simple and effortless to practise. You just practice for 20 minutes twice a day sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. Its a natural method of allowing deep mental and physical relaxation. TM courses are practical and enjoyable.

Increases positivity

Many students of Twenty Minutes Meditation have reported feeling greatly increased positivity. Meditation can help create a strong foundation for positive thought with many people we’ve taught having experiences of feeling enlightened and elated. Some have even described TM as “a reliable friend”. For course information click below.

Provides clarity

Our meditation technique has been reported to help give perspective, creating a sense of calm and clarity that has been likened to a “comfort blanket” that can help you feel more relaxed, balanced and peaceful. More information on our TM courses is available by clicking below.

Convenient for you

Our courses take place all over the UK at regular intervals throughout the year. We try to be as flexible as possible in providing accessible locations for our courses for the convenience of our students. Please click courses below to see our dates and locations.


Meditation gives me regular guaranteed time to myself, time to stop, take stock and experience a true sense of inner peace.

Becky, York

It helps to clear my mind and focus on one particular idea or see the connection between ideas.

Kasia, Leeds