“I have been enjoying the meditations, I am still working my way to doing it twice a day.”

Becky, Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire

“David is doing very well, hardly any headaches.  We have kept up the meditation almost every day, I’m sure this is helping him.”

Eileen ~ Havant  (2 years after TM course in Ringwood, Hants.)

“I took the TM course nearly 2 years ago and it’s probably the best money (and it wasn’t that expensive) I’ve ever spent. I have practised TM every single day since and it’s made a really positive difference to me and my life. I am much calmer and more focused and my partner says I am so much more chilled out about the things that used to worry me sick or make me go off at the deep end. I decided to take the course after a bereavement and redundancy happened at the same time and my head was in a mess. Meditating every day since has helped me cope much better with everything that the world has thrown at me and has helped me adopt a much more philosophical and accepting approach to life. It’s not religious or new age mumbo jumbo – it’s just a simple and straightforward method of calming the mind. I tell people it’s meditation for people who (think they) can’t meditate. It’s very healing and I love the face that it’s portable and I can take it with me everywhere I go. I can’t recommend it enough and I’m thankful every day that I found it.”

Carol ~ Southampton

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.  It has all made total sense and I feel I completely understand the ethos & am really looking forward to making it part of my life.  Have felt calmness during the day, lightheartedness”

Michele ~ Andover

“Really enjoyed the course, found it very interesting.  It’s very different to anything I have done”

Claire ~ Andover

“I came across Transcendental Meditation at a chance business meeting, one of my previous work friends during lunch asked how my benign cluster headaches were since we last met.

For many years now my quality of life has been affected by these re-occurring headaches which could last for up to 3 weeks. During these years I had tried every known type of medication and treatments and none of these had any impact.

Following my colleague’s recommendations I attended the TM sessions at Ringwood in 2015 just over 1 year ago.

Since that time I have meditated once every day for 20 minutes and I have not had any of these headaches in this period. This is truly life changing for me and I feel a more relaxed person.

It has certainly helped me greatly, I feel less stressed as a person and the quiet of meditation helps me get off the magic roundabout of life.

Thanks to Transcendental Meditation.”

David ~ Business Management Systems Consultant ~ Hampshire

“Calm, peaceful relaxed”   Steven ~ Kent

“I am currently working on a ship. I still meditate daily.”

Michelle ~ Bournemouth

“We are still meditating every day and finding it helpful”   Eileen ~ Portsmouth, Hampshire.