• With a growing body of evidence there is increasing medical recognition of TM. In Great Britain alone hundreds of doctors recommend it to patients.

Medical research and scientific evidence

some selected examples

There are now more than 600 scientific research studies on Transcendental Meditation which have been conducted in 240 universities and hospitals in over 24 countries. More than 120 of these have been published in leading scientific journals.

What has been found is quite conclusive.

The level of rest gained during TM is deeper than any other kind. Regular experience of this profound rest is enough to eliminate the deepest stress.

The resulting benefits are profound for both mental and physical health and general well-being.

In the press

selected articles

Transcendental Meditation: Were the hippies right all along?

Read full article in The Independent
While the research on the health benefits of TM is fascinating, there’s another, more compelling, reason why meditation is in the air just now. Done consistently, it seems to offer some sort of corrective to modernity, a respite from anxiety and the ability to really, truly relax, without chemical assistance; a break from our constant, restless and often doomed aspirations to be thinner, richer and more popular on Facebook; the welcome discovery that happiness is to be found not in retail therapy, but within.
As for me, I’m seriously considering introducing my children to a stress- and anxiety-busting daily ritual that seems to do no harm and may well do a great deal of good.

Transcendental meditation: does it work?

Read full article in The Guardian
First he tried sleep apps, then a flotation tank, then mindfulness – but nothing would stop the chatter in Stuart Heritage’s increasingly exhausted mind. Would transcendental meditation, currently enjoying a revival, do the trick?

How meditating in a tiny Iowa town helped me recover from war

Read full article in the Washington Post
“I didn’t know how to be a civilian after six difficult years in the military.  It was easy for me to trade one lifestyle of order and discipline for another, and this provided me with nourishment and an understanding of self. I continue my meditation practice and am grateful for the gifts it has provided me.”

Everton boss Sam Allardyce reveals how meditation cured his touchline rage… and one phrase helps him keep his cool

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A 20-Minute Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

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Transcendental Meditation Is Going Corporate. Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

Read full article in the Huffington Post
Making sure that their employees have a chance to learn to meditate and complete their daily practice on company time is a significant step toward improving workplace stress and burnout.

Can meditation help people with heart disease?

Read full article in Heart Matters, the magazine of the British Heart Fundation
A five-year study asked 201 patients with coronary heart disease to do transcendental meditation for 15 minutes a day. The researchers found that this reduced the risk of death, heart attack, and stroke by 48 per cent.

Transcendental meditation on the curriculum under academy plan

Read full article in The Telegraph
Schools specialising in transcendental meditation could be opened under plans being considered by the Government.

It’s time for your meditation

Read full article in The Independent
More than just an aid to wellbeing, the ancient discipline could soon be used to treat conditions from obesity to multiple sclerosis

Is Transcendental Meditation All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

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Transcendental Meditation promises life-changing effects for its followers. Or is it just another cultish cash grab?

What Is Transcendental Meditation?

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Katy Perry’s Teacher Explains Hollywood’s Favorite Pathway to Inner Peace

Easy to learn, enjoyable to practice. No ability required

You just practice for 20 minutes twice a day sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be able to concentrate. You don’t even have to be able to relax. It is not a religion, philosophy or way of life – just a simple technique. With Transcendental Meditation you can find deep relaxation, decrease stress, increase energy and gain greater clarity of mind.

Convenient course times in accessible locations across the UK

Our courses take place all over the country including North East England, Yorkshire and the North West. Once learned it’s free for life. Its simplicity, subtlety and effectiveness make it the perfect antidote to the pressures of modern life.

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