“Thank you so much for the vivid and illuminating course over the weekend.  I am well and enjoying the meditation.”

Andrew  ~ York

“We both really enjoyed the course, and would highly recommend it!” Peter ~ Huddersfield, Yorkshire

“Just wanted to let you know that I am still practicing TM.

I do it every morning without fail and most nights if my schedule allows.

On the nights I don’t get chance to do it I use the practice while trying to sleep and wake up the next morning fresh as a daisy.

On the odd occasion I miss a TM in the morning I and most people around can tell.

Best way to describe it is that it clears the brain completely of old thoughts.

This is really good for me as a graphic designer as it makes it easier for new thoughts / ideas to come in afterwards.

Generally I am more relaxed, easier to be around and more thoughtful person since the course I did with you just over a year ago.

I always felt I was an empathetic person but since practicing TM I think I have become more empathetic.

With regards to TM itself I can literally do it anywhere and it makes train journeys to London enjoyable these days.”

Steve ~ York

“It has especially helped me during my exam time when I was really stressed.”
Annie ~ Sheffield, Yorkshire

“Very calm and relaxed, I think I may be trying to hard, but I am impressed”

Brett ~ York

“It feels like a present to yourself”

Alison ~ York

“Loved it, so easy and all explained really well”

Veronica ~ York

“Very good course with excellent instructions on the technique”

Ruth ~ York

“Amazingly I’ve kept up my meditation practice throughout tho…think it’s what’s has kept me relatively sane!!”

Karen ~ Leeds, Yorkshire

“More relaxed, more energised” Joanna ~ Leeds, West Yorkshire

“Calmer, more patient throughout the day”  Steven ~ York

“I did the TM course because I tend to lead a busy lifestyle which in-turn was leading to a very busy mind.

Recently I noticed myself getting annoyed about very trivial things and also having less patience in general.

I thought that this might be something to do with getting older at first! Ha

Anyway the very first meditation had a profound effect on me, my mind had never been so quite and peaceful.

Since meditating I have instantly felt calmer and having a clearer mind has helped me to think more clearly.

It was like having a spring clean of the mind!

Anyway it’s early days but I’m enjoying my meditation twice a day and look forward to each one.”

Steve ~ York

” I am enjoying my meditation practice. Had to do my morning one as a car passenger yesterday and was surprisingly easy after the first few mins of feeling every movement.” Penny ~ York

“I’m glad I came, I really enjoy this method more then others and find it much easier.  I slept for 10 solid hours last night, when I usually struggle to get 5 or 6 hours.”   Tom ~ Hull.

“Easier then I thought.”    Yvonne ~ Doncaster

“I have enjoyed it.  I would recommend it to others.”  Paul ~ Darlington.