“I am still meditating and most days I manage at least one session. I find I need to set aside half an hour – 5 minutes settling down time – 20mins meditation and then 5mins considering the previous 20mins and preparing to get on with the rest of the day.
My meditations range from wonderful, fulfilling experiences to ‘rubbish’. That said, as the day goes on after a ‘rubbish’ one I often find that it couldn’t have been as rubbish as I thought. Perhaps my day will go better than expected or I’ll get much more done than I thought possible. Maybe as the day progresses I find the ‘molehills’ are no longer ‘mountains’. Husband (Pete) very supportive and encouraging so I’m lucky in that respect and I think if you were to ask him he would definitely site the ‘mountains back into molehills’ as one of the main reasons he finds himself saying “Have you done your meditation yet?”
Hazel, Malton, North Yorks.

“Its been fabulous, thoroughly enjoyable. I feel motivated and happy about my future meditating as I have struggled on + off with other meditation techniques for years (clearing my mind etc)”
Shannon, Wakefield, West Yorks
“I’ve really enjoyed it. I feel I’ve travelled a long way in a short time”
Heather, Malton, East Yorks