“About 5 or 6 years ago, I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I needed something in my life to help me. I found Transcendental meditation & ashtanga yoga. Not at the same time like, but more or less!! Next week I am getting married to the most amazing woman I have ever met. Everyday, take practice. This shit works!!!”

Dave ~ Leeds

“We both really enjoyed the weekend and got a lot out of it. I’ve managed to meditate each day since and so far so good, it really is a much simpler and more effective technique than I’ve come across before.”

Tina ~ York

“Excited by results so far & looking forward to exploring more”
Scott ~ York

“I have really enjoyed the TM approach and so far found my morning mediation to be reaping benefits. I have felt much more clear minded and positive which has helped my productivity.”
Joanne ~ York

“The course is well structured and goes at a pace that is right for me.  The content has given me an understanding and enabled me to meditate on my own without guidance”
Ian ~ York

“Had a forty minute full spinal MRI scan yesterday evening ( yep, Sunday and on the NHS ). It was one of my life’s more interesting experiences preferably non-repeatable! I found my TM practice of immeasurable benefit in coping with the stress, discomfort and noise – very loud even with ear mufflers. Not ideal, perhaps, on one’s back in a tunnel with head in a restraint etc. but it worked for me.”

Tony ~ Wakefield, West Yorkshire

” I actually cannot recall ever feeling so peaceful as I did during this experience.  I could have kept going all day”

Jordon ~ Leeds

“I decided to try TM after suffering a brain haemorrhage which left me disabled & also from a condition called Thalamic Pain Syndrome which means I am in pain 24/7. The Consultant prescribed many different medications including morphine but pain levels became more intense. I tried meditation many years ago when I was at university after a car accident & found it helped. After researching TM, it was obviously the next choice, very easy to learn & I couldn’t believe the benefits, almost instantaneous.  Within 2 days the eczema on my arms had vanished, I was sleeping much better, 8 hours no problem. I was much calmer at home & had regained my focus, mentally. Most importantly, my pain levels reduced during & after meditating. This started with 30 minutes then 1 hour & increases on a weekly basis. I still have odd days when the pain is ‘bothersome’ but TM has given me my life back & I’m still making progress.”

Steve ~ Retired Teacher, Hull.

“Just wanted to let you know how beneficial I am finding the TM. I attended the course in York, and apart from 2 days, when we had the builders in, have practised TM everyday. I have tried different types of meditation in the past, but none have worked for me as well as TM. After being made redundant last year and failing to find employment, I was beginning to feel very despondent, stressed and anxious. After only a few days of meditating I realized that I am in the right place, for me to be, at the present moment in time. I don’t wish to be unemployed for much longer, but the stress and anxiety I was experiencing have gone. It is so lovely not to wake up each morning with an anxious knot in the pit of my stomach. My better half has noticed a difference in me too.”
I found the course to be extremely informative and easy to understand, it really has made a difference to my life.
Joanne ~ Yorkshire

“Many thanks for the training, the meditation is by far the most relaxed and deepest I have tried” Sharon ~ West Yorks.

“I first became aware of T.M during the 1970’s when a work colleague showed me a poster of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. At the time I was interested in the meditation but not in the “hippy” and religious lifestyle that seemed to go with it.
Last year, after a sudden and traumatic bereavement, I was at a very low point in my life, compounded by the fact that I was in real danger of literally losing the roof over my head, but that is another story. Suffice to say I was frightened, anxious and panic stricken.
A friend told me about an article she had read in a newspaper which said that doctors were recommending T.M as an aid in stress related disorders. We started searching the internet for information and came across an independent TM teacher based in Newcastle upon Tyne.
We attended a week-end course in October, 2002 and were amazed at how simple the meditation technique is. Just 20 minutes, twice a day, relaxing in a chair and repeating a mantra, has resulted in my feeling much calmer and more at peace with myself. My anxiety and panic attacks have disappeared and my normal sleep pattern has returned. I have also noticed after meditation an increase in energy and enthusiasm.
I feel that T.M has come of age after shedding its “hippy image” and is the antidote for all the stress we encounter in today’s hectic world.
I was waiting at a bus stop recently and got into a conversation with a walker. (big boots and rucksack) He had come over from Alaska to do some long distance walking in the Lake District and North Yorkshire moors. I was impressed by the distances he had covered as he wasn’t a young man, but in his late sixties at a guess. He told me he had discovered T.M when he was at college and had practised it ever since.
T.M is of benefit to people of all walks of life – it isn’t a religion or a lifestyle but a simple technique that anyone, of any age, can learn.”
~ Hilda, Whitby, North Yorks