“Over the years I have googled TM when it has come up in a magazine article or on tv. I often thought I would give it a go ‘one day’, but there was always something else to spend the money and the time on.
All that changed when over the course of one year I had a car crash, I suffered physical ill health, mental health issues and my dad died. Suddenly I was faced with a very limited body, mind and life. I was forced into putting my health to the top of the pile as I didn’t want to spend anymore time feeling as bad as I did. I made a list of all the good things I could do to my body and mind and TM was on that list. It was finally time to actually be brave and sign up.
I was so nervous, but by now I had read enough about TM online to date to hope that it might help me feel better. I was worried it would be weird (we all saw the yogic flying on tv in the 80s!)  I was worried it would be a waste of money if I never used it or hated it. I was worried it would be really hard and I wouldn’t have the ‘right’ brain to do it. I was even worried I would get signed up to all sorts of other stuff on the day and be drawn into some strange organisation.  Mainly I was worried that it wouldn’t really help me, because I already had a meditation app that wasn’t really helping.
How wrong I was! And how much this all makes me giggle now I know what TM is to me!  In short, it has been AMAZING.  Out of all the things I now try to do to keep healthy (diet, yoga etc) it is by far the easiest most enjoyable to stick to.  If you had told me in July (when I did the TM sessions) that I would do it everyday, always find time for it, never find myself making excuses to not do it, and actually love it so much that I would prioritise it over other stuff – I would have told you that you don’t know me. I am always great at starting stuff, but then equally great at letting them drop after a couple of weeks.
For some reason, this just hasn’t happened with TM. I think because I can feel the benefit and the changes soooo much, it just keeps me wanting to do it every day. I try to do it in the morning because then the rest of my day is just incredibly easier than if I don’t. I set my little timer on my phone, tell my family to not come in the bedroom and 24 minutes later, out I come smiling and calm, ready for life! When I do leave it until later, I always regret it, because I realise how much better my day would have been if I’d done it first thing. Now my dream is to reach the fantastic goal of twice a day. I already feel amazing doing it once, so watch out world when I sort out my twice a day practice!
Knowing what I know now, I would say the only prerequisites to giving TM a go are if a) you want your life to be massively better and b) you are a human being!
Give it a go – you will NOT regret it.”
Ann ~ York

“I am loving my TM practice”  Marie ~ York

“I have spoken to people about TM and said how much more powerful I have found it than mindfulness.  I suppose I would benefit more if I did it twice a day but I am happy with the progress I have made at the moment.”

Jean ~ North Yorks

“Only missed one day of meditation since the course in November 2016 and it is certainly helping me to cope with life.”

Jean ~ Bedale, North Yorks

5 days after attending last weekends TM course in York

“I really enjoyed the course, after years of struggling with thought control meditation techniques, TM feels like a breath of fresh air – it almost feels like cheating!

I’m managing to practice twice a day and I’m getting a lot out of it already.”

Zara ~ Huddersfield

“I slept right through the night last night for the first time in weeks & weeks”  Zara ~ Hudddersfield

“I’m still enjoying meditating every day,”  Jane ~ Lincoln

“I am still meditating every day and it is going really well,”

Janet ~ Richmond, North Yorks

“Still practicing! ”
Sue ~ North Yorks