“So far I’ve meditated twice a day without fail. I’ve actually been looking forward to doing it each time!”

Jason ~ New Forest, Hampshire.

“So far I can say that it is chilling me out which is good thing and I am managing to get up early each morning to complete”  🙂

Tina ~ Bournemouth

“Yesterday after the first TM instruction I went out shopping & felt totally calm & peaceful, almost in slow motion.  Very good. 🙂

Tina ~ Bournemouth, Dorset.

“Mind feels clearer and neck & shoulders feel really relaxed, best they’ve felt in a long time”

Carol ~ Poole, Dorset

In a nutshell, TM is so much easier to do & people are much more likely to keep up the practice. We hear these kind of comments on every TM course we run.

“Having tried many different ways to overcome insomnia, including Mindfulness, I saw an advert in my local paper
for TM & thought I had nothing to lose & everything to gain if it helped.
Comparing Mindfulness – concentrating on the moment basically – but to get to this stage entails a large amount of reading,
understanding & practice. This can be rather daunting to keep up & I, for one, gave up. Whereas TM is simple & easy
to practice on a daily basis. It is immediately enjoyable, rather than something that has to be worked at. One is much more
inclined to keep it up & making sure of putting 20 to 25 minutes aside twice a day.
I have been practising TM for about 7 months now & have found the benefit in improved sleep as well as generally
feeling better.”
Jean ~ Ringwood, Hampshire

“I’m a huge fan still – can’t imagine getting through life without it.”
Lizzy ~ New Forest, Hants

‘I had been looking to learn meditation for a while, but was quite unsure as to which kind I wanted to do. Fortunately, I heard an interview on the radio with David Lynch who was singing the praises of TM, and having done some subsequent reading, I thought it must be worth a go!

I learnt TM about half way through my first pregnancy and I foundthat it considerably altered the experience, and my life generally. There were a couple of quite stressful factors in my life at the time and the meditation helped me to draw away from these and to connect more with the baby. I often followed meditation with some gentle yoga and I look back on this as valuable and peaceful time spent.

I have practised fairly regularly over the last five years, although fitting two sessions a day round the now two children is challenging, and it is often just the once after they have gone to bed! I am a housewife/pianist/singer/songwriter and I find that the meditation helps with everything from sorting through life on a mundane level and dealing with the family more calmly, to a more profound level creatively. It has doubtlessly played a role in increasing my confidence in my material and in performing, which I never thought I would be able to do.’
Tansey ~ Winchester, Hants

3 months after attending TM course : “Still meditating when I find the time and it’s proving very useful as a study break.”

Steve ~ Student ~ Oxford

“I have been meditating since the summer and I’m definitely noticing the benefits from doing so. I’m someone who finds it difficult to relax and yet I look forward to meditating as one of my first things of the morning and enjoy having this time for myself before starting a busy day. It helps me feel calmer throughout the day, and even better when I do it later on in the afternoon too! I’ve realised I can’t achieve everything by thinking about something and analysing it, and can see that meditating is contributing at a deeper level to a happier and more self-confident way of being.”
Chris ~ Brighton