In a nutshell, TM is so much easier to do & people are much more likely to keep up the practice. We hear these kind of comments on every TM course we run.

“Having tried many different ways to overcome insomnia, including Mindfulness, I saw an advert in my local paper
for TM & thought I had nothing to lose & everything to gain if it helped.
Comparing Mindfulness – concentrating on the moment basically – but to get to this stage entails a large amount of reading,
understanding & practice. This can be rather daunting to keep up & I, for one, gave up. Whereas TM is simple & easy
to practice on a daily basis. It is immediately enjoyable, rather than something that has to be worked at. One is much more
inclined to keep it up & making sure of putting 20 to 25 minutes aside twice a day.
I have been practising TM for about 7 months now & have found the benefit in improved sleep as well as generally
feeling better.”
Jean ~ Ringwood, Hampshire