‘I had been looking to learn meditation for a while, but was quite unsure as to which kind I wanted to do. Fortunately, I heard an interview on the radio with David Lynch who was singing the praises of TM, and having done some subsequent reading, I thought it must be worth a go!

I learnt TM about half way through my first pregnancy and I foundthat it considerably altered the experience, and my life generally. There were a couple of quite stressful factors in my life at the time and the meditation helped me to draw away from these and to connect more with the baby. I often followed meditation with some gentle yoga and I look back on this as valuable and peaceful time spent.

I have practised fairly regularly over the last five years, although fitting two sessions a day round the now two children is challenging, and it is often just the once after they have gone to bed! I am a housewife/pianist/singer/songwriter and I find that the meditation helps with everything from sorting through life on a mundane level and dealing with the family more calmly, to a more profound level creatively. It has doubtlessly played a role in increasing my confidence in my material and in performing, which I never thought I would be able to do.’
Tansey ~ Winchester, Hants