“I first became aware of T.M during the 1970’s when a work colleague showed me a poster of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. At the time I was interested in the meditation but not in the “hippy” and religious lifestyle that seemed to go with it.
Last year, after a sudden and traumatic bereavement, I was at a very low point in my life, compounded by the fact that I was in real danger of literally losing the roof over my head, but that is another story. Suffice to say I was frightened, anxious and panic stricken.
A friend told me about an article she had read in a newspaper which said that doctors were recommending T.M as an aid in stress related disorders. We started searching the internet for information and came across an independent TM teacher based in Newcastle upon Tyne.
We attended a week-end course in October, 2002 and were amazed at how simple the meditation technique is. Just 20 minutes, twice a day, relaxing in a chair and repeating a mantra, has resulted in my feeling much calmer and more at peace with myself. My anxiety and panic attacks have disappeared and my normal sleep pattern has returned. I have also noticed after meditation an increase in energy and enthusiasm.
I feel that T.M has come of age after shedding its “hippy image” and is the antidote for all the stress we encounter in today’s hectic world.
I was waiting at a bus stop recently and got into a conversation with a walker. (big boots and rucksack) He had come over from Alaska to do some long distance walking in the Lake District and North Yorkshire moors. I was impressed by the distances he had covered as he wasn’t a young man, but in his late sixties at a guess. He told me he had discovered T.M when he was at college and had practised it ever since.
T.M is of benefit to people of all walks of life – it isn’t a religion or a lifestyle but a simple technique that anyone, of any age, can learn.”
~ Hilda, Whitby, North Yorks