“I decided to try TM after suffering a brain haemorrhage which left me disabled & also from a condition called Thalamic Pain Syndrome which means I am in pain 24/7. The Consultant prescribed many different medications including morphine but pain levels became more intense. I tried meditation many years ago when I was at university after a car accident & found it helped. After researching TM, it was obviously the next choice, very easy to learn & I couldn’t believe the benefits, almost instantaneous.  Within 2 days the eczema on my arms had vanished, I was sleeping much better, 8 hours no problem. I was much calmer at home & had regained my focus, mentally. Most importantly, my pain levels reduced during & after meditating. This started with 30 minutes then 1 hour & increases on a weekly basis. I still have odd days when the pain is ‘bothersome’ but TM has given me my life back & I’m still making progress.”

Steve ~ Retired Teacher, Hull.