“I came across Transcendental Meditation at a chance business meeting, one of my previous work friends during lunch asked how my benign cluster headaches were since we last met.

For many years now my quality of life has been affected by these re-occurring headaches which could last for up to 3 weeks. During these years I had tried every known type of medication and treatments and none of these had any impact.

Following my colleague’s recommendations I attended the TM sessions at Ringwood in 2015 just over 1 year ago.

Since that time I have meditated once every day for 20 minutes and I have not had any of these headaches in this period. This is truly life changing for me and I feel a more relaxed person.

It has certainly helped me greatly, I feel less stressed as a person and the quiet of meditation helps me get off the magic roundabout of life.

Thanks to Transcendental Meditation.”

David ~ Business Management Systems Consultant ~ Hampshire