“I honestly feel TM is going to be life changing for me. I’ve spoken to so many people about it already”

Val ~ Edinburgh

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the course I was on in March with you. It really was excellent.

I am still practising TM every day (most days are twice for 20 mins) and I definitely notice the difference in myself and how I cope with life!
The anxiety breathing problems that I have had are slowly working their way out of my system.  I was being a bit impatient at first and hoping that they would go away almost immediately after doing the course but now I can see it takes time. Slowly and surely I’m dealing with it in a much more positive way.
The thing that I notice the most is in how I deal with other people/situations which may have ‘wound me up’ in the past….I seem to have lost that angry knot that was inside me. I also have more energy.”

Gillian ~ Edinburgh

“Really positive, I feel more positive & think this could be very beneficial in my life” Matt ~ London

“I am still meditating which is the main thing and to this day I am still immensely grateful to the beneficial amazing change TM has brought in my life”        Claudia ~ Edinburgh

“I would like to thank you very much for an inspiring, knowledgeable, fascinating and clearly explained course on how to practice TM and all the benefits that can be had from it.  I am already feeling less ‘wound up’ by various things & am determined to keep it up every day (have managed so far since I saw you!) and I already feel this is in no way a chore as I find myself looking forward to that time alone and just with my thoughts,or not, as the case may be.”

Gillian ~ Edinburgh

“I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend – thanks for the great instruction! It’s been interesting to make the time to meditate since then – strategically feeding the cat so it doesn’t interrupt or to *not* put the washing machine on coz the spin cycle is so bloody loud 🙂 The car park meditation also works a treat.”
Shauna ~ Dunfermline.

“It has been an absolute God send introducing TM to Lisa it really helps and she looks forward to the meditation time so it is the best money I ever spent ! I have also made amendments to my daily processes and am managing to meditate regularly – half the week at least once and the other half twice so all good I have slowed down my pace and allowed more me time Thanks for everything” Denise ~ Liverpool

“I did the TM course in Edinburgh with you in May 2012 (I live in Sweden). Just thought I’d say hi and give you a recap on how I am doing after receiving your e-mail with tips and course dates.
I have meditated at least once almost every day since then (I can count the few days I didn’t with my hands), and just on my own I have gone about doing it the way you describe in your 3 tips – a nice confirmation that I maximise my meditation possibilities in every day life! I have had great benefits:
I worry less, I mostly sleep like a log at night, time management/perception of time during the day is in my favour in the sense that I don’t have to flap, but get things done anyway without running out of time. I handle pressure at work in a way that sometimes I wonder if I’m a bit detached for not freaking out more. Oh, and I think I crave less unhealthy food/sweets!
I used to get very frequent migraines with aura before I started meditating (monthly), in the 3 years I have meditated it has happened 3 times. This is also interesting frome a more severe physical health perspective, as I read that people prone to migraines are more likely to get strokes at a young age – meditation has minimized this correlation for me. I also often used to get cold sores from stress – since 2012 I have had them 3 times in 3 years.
So I want to thank you (again!) for sharing this technique that really has changed things for me in ways that are so evident (subjective well being is hard to measure, improved symptoms and health issues are obvious).
I would love for my partner to do the course too, he is interested but can’t find the time in his busy schedule. I keep telling him that for health you have to MAKE the time or it won’t happen…
All the best for 2016!” Lea ~ Sweden

“I have really enjoyed the course and so glad I came”

Kathleen ~ Fife

“Really happy with the course and the support.  Feel happy with what I’ve learnt so far and feel confident about meditating”

Caroline ~ Edinburgh

“Very good – very different from my previous experiences of meditation and what’s expected.  Really looking forward to practising long-term.”

Allison ~ Edinburgh

“Calm, relaxed, excited, anticipating, cosy inside.” Allison ~ Dunfermline