“Even with small children it’s easy to do. They sit on my lap with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on TV and I insert my earplugs then begin. Hopefully one day they will copy me and do the same but without earplugs or Ninja Turtles. It definitely keeps me calm whilst I daily fend off manic young children dressed as turtles with a plastic sword in each hand.”

Tim ~ Edinburgh

“So glad I have TM in my life now!!!”  Val ~ Edinburgh.

“It is about 6ish years now since we learned TM with you. It has been life changing and we don’t go a date without meditating. I recommend TM all the time”

Sarah ~ Edinburgh

“3 years ago I was taught TM and what a great difference it made to my life. It’s hard to explain exactly but I feel more peaceful, optimistic and calm. I really love the practice of meditation, it almost brings you into another world. I have a lovely feeling of recharging when I’m in deep transcendence and this materialises when the meditation comes to an end. I would recommend TM to anyone that has the calling, you won’t regret it!”

Pete ~ Edinburgh

“I learnt TM about 4 years ago in Edinburgh. It has made such a difference to my overall wellbeing. It is a simple tool/technique that I fit in whenever I can and even just 10-15 minutes of it leaves me feeling more energised and refreshed, with a clearer mind. Since I started TM, the things that used to worry me do so less frequently and for shorter periods. I feel emotionally more grounded after meditating and more able to focus on the important stuff in life and let the unimportant stuff go. I believe it is fundamental to my emotional and physical wellbeing. I highly recommend it”

Ciara ~ Edinburgh

“I’m still practising/meditating every day – it’s become part of my day & I look forward to my little daily escape!”

Christine ~ Edinburgh

“My TM continues to be an enormous source of stability and joy particularly through a challenging pregnancy when I wasn’t able to practice yoga at all.”

Laura ~ Edinburgh.

This is typical of the ongoing feedback over the years on the effect of meditation during pregnancy.

“It was great to be a part of the TM course last weekend. I meditated on the way in to work today and it was lovely.”

Ellen ~ Edinburgh