The experience from someone who learned Transcendental Meditation a few months ago on last Edinburgh TM course :
“For me it is a time of day when I can shut “reality” out and charge my batteries and it’s a stress free and performance free moment. I can’t say that I experience feelings of bliss or joy, but it’s relaxing and it gives me energy to last throughout the day. Before I knew TM I was dead tired in the evenings and couldn’t stay awake, now I can stay up later without effort.

Also, I pretty soon noticed that time had “slowed down” for me, or that was my perception because I got things done without stressing about them and running around, until I realized that my frame of mind must have changed. I still do the same things as I used to do, but I spend less time flapping. Does that make sense?

Another thing that has happened in my life since May is that my contract as a temp ended in min July and I have been unemployed since. I have always been resourceful and easy going, but I do believe that meditating has made me less restless and more patient about my situation (and I’ve been surprisingly enthusiastic about job searching, seeing this as an opportunity for a fresh start!).

When traveling I make sure to fit in a meditation session, and apart from making time fly on trains/buses/planes I also notice that my slight fear of flying (take off and landing) has basically disappeared. The revelation came when me and my boyfriend flew domestic in Iceland this summer and the plane was tiny. I worried about the flight the whole time until we were in the air and I could meditate. The rest of the flight it didn’t even cross my mind, not even during landing! I have put these observations down as benefits from meditation.
I honestly don’t know how I was getting by without it before I did the course… ”
Lea, Stockholm.

Improved sleep through TM :
“I decided to learn TM because I wanted to find a way to deal with my sleep problems that did not involve medication. A couple of years ago I went through a particularly stressful time and unsurprisingly my sleep became very disrupted. However it never righted itself even when things calmed down again in my life. I had gotten into bad sleep patterns/routines that I just couldnt get out of – namely, waking up lots of times during the night with a racing mind that just wouldn’t calm down, and then waking up for good around 5-5.30am. It was leaving me exhausted, and I felt like my life was shrinking as I was going to bed ever earlier in an attempt to get at least a few hours decent kip every night.
I researched solutions on the internet and came across TM. I didnt
know anyone who had done it before, so it was a bit of a risk-take,
but the testimonials I read indicated that it could really help with
sleep, amongst many other things, so I thought I should seize the
opportunity and give it a go.
I took the course in January of this year and now meditate at least once a day (usually twice a day but not always).
Within a few weeks I noticed a difference. My sleep improved
considerably. It is now the norm for me to get 7-8 hours no problem and if I do wake up during the night, I usually get back to sleep really quickly, no more lying there with thoughts/worries racing round my mind – even if I wake up at 5, I still get back to sleep!
This was all I had hoped for with the TM but I have noticed other
benefits in my life too. The things that used to upset me/rile me/make me anxious, still do, but just not to the same extent. I just feel stronger inside, more calm, like I have a protective emotional armour that I did not possess before. Stressful situations are now more “water off a duck’s back” than they previously used to be. And generally, I just feel more positive. It has been a real eye-opener to me, that the “me” I was two years ago when I was stressed, and which I was in danger of remaining, was not the real “me” but just a series of bad patterns/routines I had temporarily gotten into. There is a different, stonger “me” inside and TM is helping that come out. And for that I am very, very grateful.”

Marketing Manager

“I thought you would be pleased to hear another positive testimonial attributed to TM I believe. I use an iPhone app that tracks my levels of sleep each night, i.e. light/REM, awake and deep sleep. For months the stats have shown that I fluctuate between light and awake all night and very rarely go into a deep sleep or stay in it for any length of time. Last night I fell into the deep sleep stage and stayed in it all night! I am delighted.” Julie, Edinburgh

“I can honestly say that the TM has made a instant impact as I now feel a lot calmer, Only problem at the moment is I want to meditate more than the twice a day as I feel so good after it. However I know if I keep to the twice a day its more than enough for my needs.” Norman, Saltburn.

“I do believe that TM is going to have a big impact on my everyday life and I can tell that the meditation I have been doing so far is having effect. On the plane home to Sweden I also meditated “in public” for the first time and it went really well – the time on a flight never passed so quickly before!” Lea, Sweden.