Another excerpt from a Google Review

“I can absolutely recommend Chris Greathead’s training course in T.M. I found him online and took the plunge. I was impressed how easy it was to learn over the internet, with both a helpful one to one tailored sesssion and a few group learning sessions that really worked well. I’ve tried to do mindfulness meditation over the years, but didn’t find it easy or useful, but TM is so much more straightforward and I have really felt the benefits.  I’ve noticed that my concentration is better (impressive with menopause in the mix!)  and I just feel more relaxed in general. I now meditate most days and have found it easy to incorporate into my life – work commitments and all. I am recommending TM to friends and family, my only regret is that I didn’t start TM years ago! ”

Elaine ~ Pickering, North Yorks (Learned TM Online in November 2022)