“I first stumbled across TM at 29 after finishing a degree and not spending enough time on my own health and general  welfare.  I was anxious, unfit and felt that I had to reconnect with myself on a deeper level and had spent too long on hectic nights out and unhealthy habits.   After attending an introductory talk on TM with Chris in August 99 I realised it was just what I needed and attended the weekend course and follow up sessions which were fun, interesting and shared them  with other everyday people.

I quickly integrated it into my daily routine and from doing TM 20 minutes twice a day I noticed benefits within the first 4 weeks and these quickly cumulated over the first six months and longer.  Over time I found myself to be more at ease and noticed that I slept better, was a lot less anxious, calmer, digestion improved, my mood was more balanced, improved relationships with others and actually found the time to slow down rather than just living life at the usual fast pace.  Ironically I found that I achieved more in less time and enjoyed life more.

Over the past 12 years I still do my daily TM practice and this has totally changed my perspective and quality of life and has opened up new avenues.   I now teach Yoga of which meditation is a key practice and I am always more than happy to recommend TM and Chris to anyone who feels it may be of benefit to them.”

David Atkinson, Yoga teacher, Newcastle upon Tyne

“I went on the TM course in Manchester after my cousin recommended it, as I thought it might help me enjoy the present more and calm my life down. I’ve noticed many benefits from it – the most surprising being a reduction in my IBS symptoms, which I hadn’t expected. If I practise TM every day I don’t have any symptoms; if I miss a few session though, they come back. It also lifts my mood and wakes me up! I definitely feel more refreshed after 20 minutes of TM. Also, when I recently gave birth to my baby boy I found that by practising TM through my contractions, it made them significantly easier to get through and I required minimal pain relief throughout.”
Laura, Bristol

Comment from participant on recent Newcastle TM course :
“Doing really well, do it twice a day. I really enjoy it.”
Brenda, Northumberland.

I have been practising TM for nearly 40 years, I learned because I was a worrier, and I was at a turning point in my life, and didn’t know quite what to do, I had just left midwifery and couldn’t make my mind up about various things!
Within a few months of learning TM I learned to drive, got married, and commenced pyschiatric nursing, none of which I have regretted ! Everything seemed to be clearer.

I still worry a little but am a much calmer person, and I just don’t seem right – only half awake if I miss meditation.

What has motivated me to write a testimoial is because of what happened earlier this year, my mother who is blind and quite deaf, had a few falls, she was in hospital for a short while, and then back in her own home. I was visiting her daily and looking after her a great deal, as well as helping with my grandsons.

One day at the weekend, my other two grandsons and their parents had come across from Cheshire to stay, I was driving back from my mothers, when I felt so tired and I suddenly thought – oh’ horror of horrors, I haven’t meditated, and wouldn’t stand much chance when home, so I pulled in at a little chef car park, meditated for 20 minutes, after which I felt so much better, refreshed and energised! It really hit me then just how beneficial TM is, and that I should share this, in the hope that it will inspire others to learn TM.
It is so easy to practise, and although it is good to do it in a quiet place, I have done it at a busy noisy roundabout in Italy!


Retired Health Visitor
North Yorkshire

“The course has been great,  I plan to keep meditating.  I thought it would require more focus and concentration so its been enlightening to find its the complete opposite!”

Jenny, Newcastle upon Tyne.

“I first decided to learn TM when I was a final year medical student at Newcastle University. I was feeling tired all the time and was concerned about how actually working as a doctor was going to impact my life.
TM instantly had a profound effect on me. After just the first session I felt so full of energy and as if a haze had been cleared from my mind. I quickly incorporated TM into my daily routine and found that, even after a very tiring 12 hour shift as a junior doctor, 20 minutes of meditation in the evening left me feeling revitalised and clear focused. I have since changed career and lived in different countries all over the world, but TM has stayed with me along the way.”

Andrew, yoga teacher and massage therapist, from Northern Ireland.

The experience from someone who learned Transcendental Meditation a few months ago on last Edinburgh TM course :
“For me it is a time of day when I can shut “reality” out and charge my batteries and it’s a stress free and performance free moment. I can’t say that I experience feelings of bliss or joy, but it’s relaxing and it gives me energy to last throughout the day. Before I knew TM I was dead tired in the evenings and couldn’t stay awake, now I can stay up later without effort.

Also, I pretty soon noticed that time had “slowed down” for me, or that was my perception because I got things done without stressing about them and running around, until I realized that my frame of mind must have changed. I still do the same things as I used to do, but I spend less time flapping. Does that make sense?

Another thing that has happened in my life since May is that my contract as a temp ended in min July and I have been unemployed since. I have always been resourceful and easy going, but I do believe that meditating has made me less restless and more patient about my situation (and I’ve been surprisingly enthusiastic about job searching, seeing this as an opportunity for a fresh start!).

When traveling I make sure to fit in a meditation session, and apart from making time fly on trains/buses/planes I also notice that my slight fear of flying (take off and landing) has basically disappeared. The revelation came when me and my boyfriend flew domestic in Iceland this summer and the plane was tiny. I worried about the flight the whole time until we were in the air and I could meditate. The rest of the flight it didn’t even cross my mind, not even during landing! I have put these observations down as benefits from meditation.
I honestly don’t know how I was getting by without it before I did the course… ”
Lea, Stockholm.

Another in our continuing series of TM testimonials :
I attended my TM course around three years ago (actually this could have been four, a lot has changed since then!). Some years before this I had become interested in meditation whilst at high school; I was lucky enough to have an adventurous religious studies teacher who did a kind of secular guided meditation with her classes, and this was a lovely experience, but I wanted to take it further. After leaving school I researched on the internet around other types of meditation and felt that TM would be ideal for me, because I could easily fit it in with the rest of my time. I visited the official TM organisation website but during that period, to my disappointment, I found that no new TM courses in the UK were being taught. There didn’t seem to be any explanation on why this had happened on the website, but I learned from news websites that they had withdrawn the course because Maharishi had decreed the UK a ‘scorpion nation.’ Later, when the ban was lifted, I found that the fees were unaffordable, so I put my plans to learn on the backburner.

Several years later, after leaving university and getting a job, I found I was experiencing depression. I’m not sure of the underlying reason as to why I had become depressed but I went and visited my doctor, who diagnosed that I had a moderate case of depression. I was provided with SSRI medication but shortly became concerned about the side effects. I began looking around on the internet for alternative ideas and TM sprung up once again. I was intrigued to read some well-researched studies on the benefits of TM on alleviating depression and improving general well being. I took these studies to my doctor. I was pessimistic about the response i’d get from her but to my surprise she had read about TM and of its effects on depression, she thought it would be worth trying. So I went back on the internet and that’s when I came across the Meditation Trust and booked myself in..

The course was easy to understand and the technique and background was broken down over three days. Initially I didn’t ‘feel’ anything, but I returned home and it became a part of my routine. After several weeks I began to feel a general sense of wellness. After some months I noticed my depression had gradually lifted. My mood continued to improve and today I have a broad sense of wellness across my life. It is difficult to describe with words – language is a limited tool in dealing with the beauty of TM. The main thing I would say is to follow the teaching and just to let things unfold. The biggest surprise for me was that many people over the years have commented on my unstressed nature. Initially this began with family and, later, work colleagues. I work in an environment which can be testing, it’s the local authority social services line, for which i’m a customer services officer. This involves taking calls and answering enquiries from concerned members of the public, elderly and vulnerable people, police and medical professionals. The content of the calls can be stressful so TM is absolutely invaluable. In the rest of my life, several strangers, including a joiner who was doing work at my house, my dentist and an independent financial adviser, have all commented on my stress free nature. All of which was pretty unexpected.
Craig, Preston

My Personal Experience of TM. HEALTHY SCEPTICISM

There were the Beatles, on the telly with (what to me) seemed a rather
strange but interesting man with long hair & a beard. It was 1968 and I was
13. The strange man in question was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the founder of
Transcendental Meditation, little did I realise the major impact this man
would have on my future. The Beatles had taken up T.M and were off to India
to train as teachers of the technique. Like thousands of others over the
next few years, I finally decided to give it a go in 1971, encouraged by a
friend who thought it was wonderful. Skeptical I was, yet aware that there
is more to this world then what we percieve on the surface. Fortunately
skepticism is no bad thing for prospective T.M’ers, because it is a
technique and doesn’t rely on belief.
I must say I didn’t notice anything at first, aged 16 patience was
definately not one of my virtues.. However over the next couple of months
the benefits almost crept up on me, nothing mindblowing, but significant, a
greater ease within myself, more confidence, greater clarity of mind and
perhaps most importantly, the ability too seriously relax on a daily basis.
But as many people will tell you there is more to it then that. As I have
discovered over the years, T.M is a wonderfully simple and uncomplicated
procedure to allow the mind & body to regain a state of balance through a
really profound state of deep relaxation. Yes, it is enjoyable to do and
quickly becomes something that you look forward to doing. It isn’t just
easy, it is completely effortless. Consequently anybody can do it. There
is no effort, no trying, no concentration, no attempt to empty the mind of
thoughts. In other words, you don’t have too work at it, the beauty of
Transcendental Meditation is that rather then trying to force the mind, you
are allowing it to settle. As so many people have said, it’s a nice place to
go… You know that whatever may come up that day, at some stage you will be
able to sit and meditate and come back to that quietest level of yourself,
but ultimately meditation is a preparation for activity, an overall quality
of life enhancer. Something that has it’s origins in ancient India, today
offers huge benefits in a modern stressed world.
Encouraged by my experience and curious too find out more I went out to
Switzerland to work with the T.M organisation for a couple of weeks in the
summer of 1974. Two weeks turned into two and a half years during which I
trained and qualified as a T.M teacher. Being able to mix with thousands of
people from all over the world, of different backgounds & age groups was a
very enriching experience, not to mention attending daily lectures by
Maharishi, boy was I inspired! By now I was a T.M evangelist and really
thought it was the answer to all the world’s problems. Naiveity of youth?
Well nearly 30 years later I still meditate and certainly wouldn’t be
without it. Unfortunately the T.M organisation has become ever more
fanatical and bizarre in promoting itself, convinced that it is right.
Eventually in 1995 I decided to make the break, having taught T.M and worked
with the organisation all over the UK and abroad (including 15 months in
India) . The final straw had come with the huge increase in the course fee
for learning T.M, in 1993 it was raised from £180 to £490 and then £1280!!!
So much for peace and love. Although still high, over the past 3 years the
TM org have twice reduced their fees, free market ah, it’s enough to make
you believe in competition.
I’m no saint, but do enjoy teaching Transcendental Meditation and seeing the
results in peoples lives. In the UK, myself, Colin
Beckley & a growing band of TM teachers continue to teach T.M at affordable fee’s,
independently of the TH organisation. Many thousands of people have taken up T.M
with us, often travelling from distant parts of the UK & abroad and increasingly we
are running T.M courses in business, education authorities & government
Yes what started out as a slightly hippyish, quasi/spiritual meditation is
increasingly practiced by ordinary, everyday people who just want something
that actually works, without any “bull”!

Chris Greathead (teaching TM for 42 years)