“There are so many benefits I am feeling since I took up TM it is difficult to give just a few. Here are some of them…

Before learning TM I would often have a churning anxious stomach worrying about things and what people thought of me. Now I don’t feel like that. It is like my brain registers my worries but it doesn’t go any further and I rarely feel anxious any more. I just don’t really react to stressful situations by getting stressed any more. My mind and body are calm and relaxed and for the first time in my life I am not worried about what people think of me, I actually feel free. Because of this I am not afraid to speak my mind as I feel calm and clear headed, this has helped me at work and in all other areas of my life helping me gain new confidence. I feel my relationships have improved because I am not irrational and irritated because I am stressed. I realise now that so many of my arguments in the past were down to stress and can see what a harmful affect it was having on my life.

Before I started TM I was so tired after work l would be ready for bed by 9pm. Now I meditate when I get home and it releases energy I didn’t believe I had and I can actually have a full evening not feeling debilitated with exhaustion.

Another benefit is that after having lost 3.5 stone I have managed to maintain this weight loss for 8 months now which I have never been able to do before. Speaking to my doctor about how I have managed to do this I mentioned I now meditate twice a day. He became very interested in this and said that there is research going on at the moment into the stress hormone Cortisol and that as well as being released in your body when you are stressed this hormone also makes your body hold onto fat…a survival mechanism. He said that getting rid of cortisol twice a day from my body through meditation is most likely why I am able to maintain my weight loss.

My meditation time is so precious to me now that I make time whatever I have to do in the day to have my moments of bliss. I feel I can move through stressful situations, clear headed, safe, untouched and calm. Every day I actually feel a real relief that I took up meditation and that I have this amazing tool I can use to help me feel less tired, be able to cope with stress, manage my neck pain and much more.”
Sarah, Edinburgh.