“I started meditating whilst in my final year at university, mainly because I hoped it would help me deal with exam stress. It was very cheap (we are talking more than 30 years ago) on a student rate, and I enjoyed the whole slightly esoteric process very much. Even more, I enjoyed and continue to enjoy the benefits of a very simple and easy technique that basically gets you through your day. It worked for exam stress: it has gone on working in all kinds of circumstances, and in the times when I have stopped meditating, I have noticed a difference. You can become more involved, through extra meetings and weekend retreats, but for me, it’s the 20 mins morning and evening which does the job. Sometimes I find it difficult to fit in, but that’s really bad planning and a failure to prioritise on my part. When I make time for TM, I feel a whole lot better.”
Jo (Digital Learning Designer)
Darlington, County Durham.