Have to say personally I’ve always found chairs better for meditation then stools.

Below one persons experience

“In early 2001 I was a frequent visitor to the doctors, I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and IBS, but finally decided something had to change when I was prescribed Tamazapan for insomnia.

Although I did not feel particularly stressed, all my conditions appeared to be stress related, so I decided to look at reducing stress in my life. From a work colleague, Rick, I found out about T.M North East and went to a talk by Chris Greathead about Transcendental Meditation. I have to admit that although T.M seemed to offer many benefits it seemed a bit far fetched and hippy-ish, but after a further chat with Rick I enrolled on the T.M course with Chris.

The course was excellent, initially one to one and then three, two hour group sessions. In the group sessions I soon discovered other people were having the same T.M experiences as myself, which was very reassuring. In less then a week after starting T.M my IBS had improved drastically and I was sleeping much better. As the weeks went by I just got better and better eventually coming off all medication. These medical benefits have proved to be only the tip of the iceberg, I have become far more relaxed, positive, energetic and simply just happier since taking up T.M.

T.M is quite simply the most beneficial thing, outside relationships, that you can do in your life – it just makes life better.”

Mark ~ Stockton on Tees, UK

“As both stress hormones and inflammation can affect gut bacteria, practicing meditation can help to balance these hormones and decrease inflammatory markers, potentially protecting the gut microbiome.”