: One Recommendation

I’m going to recommend something that I think is huge, and its Transcendental Meditation. Although the technique is super easy, the effects are huge, and all you do is kind of get given a mantra, you repeat the mantra and you sit down for 20 minutes and its just life changing.

How long have you been doing it?

Since 2008.

Did you find it hard to get into? Because for me and meditation, I always find it difficult to stay in focus. You said 20 minutes, but after 2 minutes my mind is wondering all over, I have trouble locking in. Did it take you awhile to get to that point?

Well actually no. Because I had all that kind of trepidation beforehand, I gave up drinking and I gave up taking drugs. For a year or two I was just kind of like, wondering around, wondering how to fill this void, because your kind of empty. You’ve lived your whole life drinking and doing all this and all of the sudden you’ve got this awakening – a rude awakening – where you just have to learn how to live without drinking.

So, I was in my apartment trying to remain friends with all my friends that still liked to get drunk. Playing records, playing records, playing records and I just sat on the opposite side of the room drinking a Diet Coke. [laughs] And a friend of mine came up to me and she said, “Have you ever tried meditation? Ever thought about Transcendental Meditation?” And I hadn’t. We started talking about the Maharishi, because I was always a huge fan of The Beatles and my favorite period is the Magical Mystery Tour and in any Beatles documentary is the time they go to Bangor [Wales] and then to India and they write The White Album and all that and it’s just mind-blowing. And I’m just like, “Oh yeah, yeah – I’m into that.”
I went to the Isle of Wight and I learned how to meditate – I went within a week of my friend telling me. I was thinking, “How can you do 20 minutes?” That’s just so long! And how can you fit it in twice a day? It takes up so much time. But the 20 minutes that you put into it almost gives you about four hours extra in the day. It’s just mad. It’s like time, I don’t know, it’s like a time shift or something like that. The 20 minutes you put in, you get so much energy and you do so much more in the day. It’s just really helped me to be able to do everything I do.