Rock singer and songwriter, Paul Rodgers, famous for hits like, “All Right Now”, “Feel Like Making Love” and “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” talks about his experience of meditation.
“I meditate daily, and started way back in ’67 when I was 17.”
Middlesbrough-born Paul, who was the lead singer of Free and, later, Bad Company, say’s that he’d discovered meditation in 1967, at the age of 17, when George Harrison – whom he was a fan of – had spoken about Transcendental Meditation.
“I delved into it, and I’ve found I always go back to it – even throughout all the crazy years and the rollercoaster life of rock ‘n’ roll. When I go back to it I find it centres me and calms me down and leaves me knowing where to go next.”
Rodgers, who has played with Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Brian May and many more, says that the youthful energy needed to perform rock comes from meditation, working out at the gym, and a healthy lifestyle.
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People across the UK meditate for all kinds of reasons, but finding ways to cope with “stress” is one of the most common :

Work stress ‘raises heart risk’
By James GallagherHealth and science reporter, BBC News

Thought provoking piece from the Financial Times on meditation & business :

Hate to say it, but all in all, not a bad article on TM!–daily-commute.html

Continuing with our series “All kinds of people meditate!” Most of these are I think in the US, but from the experience of teaching TM for 35 years, I know the same is true in the UK.
14 Executives Who Swear By Meditation

CEOs have stressful jobs, and some have taken to intense hobbies to find solace from the daily grind.  Some practice meditation—or even Transcendental Meditation, a mantra-based technique derived about 50 years ago from ancient Indian practices.

We’ve compiled a list of leaders who say that meditating gives them an edge in the competitive business world. Some have even built it into their company’s culture.

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