Living with anxiety: Britain’s silent epidemic
Up to a third of the population will suffer from an anxiety disorder or panic attacks at some point in their life. But what are we all so afraid of?

Another interesting study linking meditation to improved health, but of all the “health kicks” mentioned, meditation has got to be the easiest, most pleasurable to add to your everyday life :

Health kick ‘reverses cell ageing’

Going on a health kick reverses ageing at the cellular level, researchers say.

The University of California team says it has found the first evidence a strict regime of exercise, diet and meditation can have such an effect.

The crazy thing about Transcendental Meditation is that it is so simple that there is a subtlety too it that is hard to put into words, here’s another article that tries!!!

The GQ Guide to Transcendental Meditation

GQ addresses transcendental meditation. Should you cross your legs, close your eyes, and join in?

Except that during meditation that rest is often deeper then deep sleep. Fascinating research, that indirectly helps explain why meditation works.

Personally I prefer sitting in a comfortable chair, but as long as your sitting comfortably it’s fine to meditate in bed – just not lying down