Meditation from Hale, Cheshire

"TM and meditating in general has had a significant impact on my life and regardless of how much I do it I feel all the better for just doing it!" Laura ~ Hale, Altrincham

Transcendental Meditation in Northumberland

"I was telling Sam and Gill how much I enjoyed the TM course, and how the meditation helps me." Liz ~ Northumberland

5 weeks of meditation in Newcastle upon Tyne

"Have noticed some positive changes in the 5 weeks I have been practising TM regularly, sleeping better, less anxious,, more energy and feel a lot more calm" John ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

Nailed it! Testimonial from July TM course in York

"Over the years I have googled TM when it has come up in a magazine article or on tv. I often thought I would give it a go 'one day', but there was always something else to spend the money and the time on. All that changed when over the course…

6 months after learning TM in York

"I am loving my TM practice"  Marie ~ York

Brilliant & worth taking 15 minutes to listen to

In Praise of Idleness Oliver Burkeman Is Busy Oliver Burkeman asks if the solution to busyness is not to work harder and organise ourselves but to indulge in a little idleness. Indirectly explains why meditation works & helps people…

Pertinent comment 9 months after learning TM in Newcastle upon Tyne

"Transcendental meditation is a very useful tool to help anyone looking for a good way to reduce stress in their lives. Firstly, do not be put off by the name! Despite its connotations, this is a very simple and effective way to help you deal…

Brilliant prog (just 15 minutes) on the modern cult of being busy - the antidote for many people is meditation : do less & accomplish more. Fetishising Busyness Oliver Burkeman Is Busy. Oliver Burkeman asks if we are talking ourselves into feeling overwhelmed with busyness.

East meets west : Probably the first western businessman to learn Transcendental Meditation "David Morgan, who has died aged 83, was an investment banker who rose through the ranks to become chairman of M&G Group. But he was also a man with a spiritual…