“What advice would you give your younger self? I wish I had known about transcendental meditation when I was in my 20s. I started doing this about a year and a half ago, and I’ve noticed a big difference, even creatively. It’s not like a dogma, it’s not some kind of set of standards; it’s just something you do two times a day that has this odd effect, where you find yourself walking around and things that used to trigger you are still there, but you don’t get hooked by it as easily. It’s been awesome to see how it affected my life, and I wish I had started that back in my 20s because I was on fire in my 20s. In good ways and bad ways. And I think that would’ve helped. I think that’s a useful tool for actors, especially young actors first coming out of school and dealing with the pressures of the industry and trying to just make it in this expensive, crazy city. To have something like transcendental meditation to keep you sane and centered and mentally healthy is really helpful.”