“Great course and feel calmer”

Steve ~ Stockport, Manchester


Alexa ~ Manchester

“Very good”

Joanna ~ Manchester

“Really good, calmer and more energy”

Jack ~ Manchester

“I cannot believe it’s ten years! Wow where has that gone. I’m still so glad I learnt TM it has been invaluable to me, I do slip sometimes but always feel better when I have been practising.”

Emily ~ Manchester

“TM and meditating in general has had a significant impact on my life and regardless of how much I do it I feel all the better for just doing it!”
Laura ~ Hale, Altrincham

“Still going strong, I think this is my 10th year at TM now!  Thank you again for the gift of TM.”

Lou ~ Manchester

“Steve and I are still practising TM 2 years on, twice a day and its definitely helped on many levels.”

Jill ~ Manchester

“I have told loads of people about TM and how it has changed my life. The effects have been quite profound, I couldn’t have coped without TM!”

Steve ~ Manchester

” Very enjoyable.  Learning a new type of meditation has been interesting.  The reduction in my anxiety levels has been life-changing.  My overall well-being has improved”

Tracey ~ Manchester

“Really enjoyed the course, feels quite indulgent”

Karin ~ Manchester

“Greater efficiency, clarity & calmness.  I do not wake up feeling depressed.  It was the best decision I have made.  Although I have followed many forms of meditation, this is the one that works for me.”

Anne ~ Manchester

“Thankfully regular meditation is helping to keep me sane. I once made the mistake of skipping it for a few days (family were particularly demanding at the time) and I quickly remembered why I needed TM in my life! After getting back on it, thoughts were no longer swirling around in my head at 200mph and I found myself more forgiving with those around me” 🙂
Emma ~ N.Wales

“I enjoyed the course and am loving meditating. I have done it every day since, except one (due to over-indulgence the previous night).
Due to my shifts I am sometimes only managing one meditation but am doing two whenever possible.”
Damian ~ Manchester