The experience from someone who learned Transcendental Meditation a few months ago on last Edinburgh TM course :
“For me it is a time of day when I can shut “reality” out and charge my batteries and it’s a stress free and performance free moment. I can’t say that I experience feelings of bliss or joy, but it’s relaxing and it gives me energy to last throughout the day. Before I knew TM I was dead tired in the evenings and couldn’t stay awake, now I can stay up later without effort.

Also, I pretty soon noticed that time had “slowed down” for me, or that was my perception because I got things done without stressing about them and running around, until I realized that my frame of mind must have changed. I still do the same things as I used to do, but I spend less time flapping. Does that make sense?

Another thing that has happened in my life since May is that my contract as a temp ended in min July and I have been unemployed since. I have always been resourceful and easy going, but I do believe that meditating has made me less restless and more patient about my situation (and I’ve been surprisingly enthusiastic about job searching, seeing this as an opportunity for a fresh start!).

When traveling I make sure to fit in a meditation session, and apart from making time fly on trains/buses/planes I also notice that my slight fear of flying (take off and landing) has basically disappeared. The revelation came when me and my boyfriend flew domestic in Iceland this summer and the plane was tiny. I worried about the flight the whole time until we were in the air and I could meditate. The rest of the flight it didn’t even cross my mind, not even during landing! I have put these observations down as benefits from meditation.
I honestly don’t know how I was getting by without it before I did the course… ”
Lea, Stockholm.