“At the beginning of Covid I was going through a difficult time and a friend suggested I do Chris’s Transcendental Meditation course. I’d tried various sorts of meditation before and had had no success so I was sceptical. I was even more sceptical when I learned the course would be via Zoom. How could one possibly learn TM via Zoom? Well, very easily, as it turns out.

Chris created a safe and friendly athmosphere in which to learn, individual issues and preferences were respected. Chris’s teaching was clear, straight forward, jargon-free, fascinating and fun. The learning was effortless and enjoyable. I never had any sense of confusion, never was made to feel that I was somehow “doing it wrong.” Any questions and concerns I had, Chris responded to clearly and thoughfully. To him there is no such thing as “a silly question.”

TM has made a huge difference to my life. I no longer wake up every morning feeling anxious. My outlook on life is happier, more positive. Of course TM does’nt make all the difficulties of life disappear, but it does sort of shrink them. I am now able to deal with problems and stress in a balanced, optimistic way. They no longer dominate my thoughts. Their negative effect is minimised. I no longer worry about what may never happen. And. the great thing is, I can do TM anywhere, all I need is myself, my mantra and somewhere to sit.

And the extra bonus for me is those 20 or 40 minutes a day of TM, purely and simply are my-not-so guilty pleasure.”

Irene ~ Glasgow (Learnt TM online June 2020)