No scientific research on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation on MS (Multiple Sclerosis), but anecdotally the effects can be very profound, as well described below.

I was diagnosed with MS in June and did my course in Transcendental Meditation last weekend. I went undiagnosed for 4 years and all my attacks were preceded by long periods of high stress. I have previously attempted various forms of ‘concentration’ meditation learnt from books without any success, and Tai Chi as ‘moving meditation’ (more moving than meditation, but it has its other uses).

The naturopath I have started seeing recommended TM, and I remembered that George mentioned it positively as the form of meditation that he used to practice (at the time of writing his book, he practiced another type of meditation).

The course I did was well taught (independent TM teachers in the UK) and, importantly, the meditation is very easy to do, helped by the fact that it is not a ‘concentration’ meditation as such. Two major effects of continued practice are reduced stress and reduced fatigue.

I have only been doing it for a few days, but I find I go very deep into the meditation and am calmer afterwards, for a while at least. I am still a seething ball of stress but I have faith that, with application, TM will in time reduce stress and reduce the likelihood of future attacks.

I have had MS-related fatigue for about 10 weeks following a number of attacks, and TM has already helped to greatly boost my energy levels for a few hours after each meditation.