“I was persuaded to try TM following on from my yoga practice. I felt there was something more to be had from the period of relaxation and muscular rest after a session.

Almost immediately after just the group practice that followed the initial instruction I felt a difference, that a new window of experience had been opened.

In the days and weeks that followed, I noticed that I felt calmer (particularly whilst driving) and more assured within myself (and of myself). I had more energy physically and mentally although being retired I do not face the tensions that I used to. I am convinced that if I still had those work tensions that my TM practice would help immensely.

I personally find the morning practice to be difficult to fit in but confess that this really is laziness in not getting up early enough. This leads me to ensure that I nearly always have an evening TM.

I hold dear my mantra and inwardly use this from time to time to help to relax and concentrate when for example on the golf course taking an awkward shot or put. It is my friend for life and maybe beyond!”
~ Peter, retired professional from Chorley, Lancs.