Rav ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“More energy, efficiency & clarity of thought all day.”

Paul ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“More energetic most of day, wish I’d learned 15 years ago”

Andrew ~ Consett

“Clearer mind.  The course was superb, really enjoyed. I must say Tuesday night (after the meeting) and Wednesday morning were my most profound meditations yet. ”   ”

Paul ~ Gateshead

“Happy, calm, focused”

Patricia ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“Able to manage many tasks very calmly”

Carly ~ Sunderland

“Absolutely I do still do TM- not as much as I’d like – we’ve had a really hectic few years.  TM definitely helped but as I said I ought to do it more. There are times when I am so chuffed I have it as a skill – it works wonders in taking the edge off and more when you’re knackered or stressed.”

Viv ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“Calmness” ~ Margaret

“Calmness” ~ Chris

“Calmness” ~ Ralph

“Felt more energised & efficient at work” ~ Pete

“Top notch” ~ Gareth

“Just to say hello and to let you know I am fit and well and hope you are too.  Its 18 yrs since I did the TM course and I’m still enjoying it most times twice per day!  I’ve never looked back” ☺

John ~ Sunderland

“I was telling Sam and Gill how much I enjoyed the TM course, and how the meditation helps me.”
Liz ~ Northumberland

“Have noticed some positive changes in the 5 weeks I have been practising TM regularly, sleeping better, less anxious,, more energy and feel a lot more calm”

John ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“Transcendental meditation is a very useful tool to help anyone looking for a good way to reduce stress in their lives. Firstly, do not be put off by the name! Despite its connotations, this is a very simple and effective way to help you deal with all that life has to throw at you.”

Will ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“I’m enjoying meditating.  Can’t say I feel any different although I do feel I am sleeping better most nights.”

Pat ~ Seaham, C.Durham

“Just finished the course at Newcastle-absolutely loved it. It’s the first thing that I’ve been able to do easily and I’m going to keep going with it.”

Karen ~ Houghton le Spring, Tyne & Wear

“Slept right through the night last night!  I’ve enjoyed the course.  Instructions were clear.  Looking forward to meditating & the benefits.”

Pat ~ Seaham, County Durham

“Gained a little place of peace.”

Jan ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“Thank you for the whole course earlier this week, I very much enjoyed it. Extremely good introduction & explanation of the process. I have been meditating, managing only once a day, I am finding it very pleasurable and easy to do, and am delighted to have learned the practice.”

Kathy ~ Newcastle upon Tyne