Comment from participant on Newcastle TM course 10 days ago :
“The meditation is going well, and the fatigue stage has passed. I am now energised and feeling nicely ‘bright’! I am putting this down partly to the quality of the sleep I’ve had since the course – the most peaceful, deep and refreshing I’ve ever experienced in adulthood.”
Annette, Sunderland

Continuing our series of peoples experiences of TM :

I was first introduced to the practice of TM in 2010. After the training I did not consistently meditate initially because I think it took me a while to understand what I was actually doing and whether I was doing it right. On the whole I have consistently done about 20 minutes TM a day (evening times).
I know I have discovered a very valuable skill that will help me through the rest of my life. With TM I am able to go to a place in my ‘mind’ that I cannot ordinarily access. It is a simple technique that allows me to tap into a different sort of energy, psychological, emotional, spiritual – I do not know which and it does not matter to me. All I need to know is that it has had a powerful effect on my daily life, one upon which I am keen to expand and nurture.
I have been dealing with infertility issues for some years and although I feel I am coming through the intense feelings of bereavement and devastation that this brought to my life, I use TM to help me through the dark moments that still crop up. I find I emerge from a 20 minute session with a much stronger sense of clarity and perspective. It feels like I am tapping into what I call ‘the real me’, the one underneath the layers of negativity, pain and emotional exhaustion that distract me, and prevent me from functioning the way I want to and the way I know I can. After TM, I can emerge with a feeling of calm and a deeper acceptance of my situation and myself. Sometimes things are what they are and I have learnt that is ok, and in fact, I am ok and life is ok. TM has brought me to that way of thinking. It has increased my capacity to cope with the big things and the little things in life. I am SO much better now at standing back from situations (big or small) that in the past might have swallowed me up and left me feeling like I was not coping or overwhelmed by the weight of it all. My intention is to build up to doing 20 minutes TM in the morning as well as in the evening and to observe the effects. It will be a good thing – I know that for sure. It might even be amazing!

Christina, Teacher, Tyneside

This weeks testimonial on TM & its benefits :

‘At a time when we are bombarded by information, communication and constant background noise, it comes as blessed relief that something called TM exists. It’s free and it’s yours and it’s as natural as breathing itself! I learned TM because I needed a coping mechanism from the stresses of life that was free from jargon, gimmicks or false promises. What I received was a complete lifestyle change ….’
‘There are so many benefits to TM. Cravings for alcohol and nicotine vanish naturally. Bad habits and negative routines can be broken. You are calmer and you are better equipped to deal with setbacks and problems. You are more focused in daily activities and your relationships improve.You can actually lose weight, too!’

Steve, Headteacher, Newcastle upon Tyne.

“You don’t need to be stressed to do Transcendental Meditation, but it helps!”   Terrible joke, and  there are a huge variety of reasons why people take up meditation, but there is no doubt that one of the things TM has become most well known for, is as an incredibly effective way of managing stress.

Continuing in a series of weekly testimonials on peoples experiences of the benefits of practicing meditation.

“A few years ago I was under a lot of stress (over used word, but that was how it felt) the GP found high blood pressure and prescribed medication. I was running three companies in Newcastle.   Co-incidently I read an article in the Daily Telegraph by Dr. Sarah Brewer recommending TM for blood pressure at the same time the Journal Business magazine contained an article about TM and teacher Mr Chris Greathead and again blood pressure was mentioned as one of the benefits. My wife and I contacted Chris and were invited to a meeting along with other interested people. We decided to learn. A few weeks later my blood pressure was normal and I was taken off the medication.
It was not obvious to me but, if I did not meditate for a few days, my mood must have changed because my daughter (involved in the business) would notice and tell me, in no uncertain terms, to start meditating again!
Now (almost) retired and I do not have the pressures I used to have but still enjoy meditation.
I am trying to learn to play an instrument, if I can meditate before a lesson I think it helps, seems to sharpen the mind and aid concentration.
Learning TM is one of the best things we have done, it has brought benefits to mind and body, it is an easy technique when taught properly with life changing results.”

David,  Morpeth, Northumberland