“Just wanted to feedback how I’m doing now that we are one week in.
I have been meditating every day twice a day for 20 mins. I look forward to it. Some times are ‘better’ than others but I know to accept what is and most often after a while I feel myself slip into a sense of nothing which is heaven. I’ve noticed my mantra come and go as I get lost in thought of just sheer relaxation. I guide myself to it again when I notice.

My afternoon meditations are so welcomed and often much deeper than the morning. It’s so nice to take 25 mins for myself and shut myself away to relax.

What a breath of fresh air TM is. I literally feel lighter, like I am walking on air with a tall spine and clear, calm mind. Wow. I feel like I am breathing clean cool air and I just feel good! Any feelings of worry or anxiousness have disappeared.

I’ll keep you posted. Just wanted to update you as I’m loving it.

Thank you for your teachings, I am very grateful that you do what you do and branched out on your own to offer TM at a price that people can afford.”
Liz ~ Nantwich,Cheshire.