“I learnt to do Transcendental Meditation nearly 30 yeas ago when I was working as a General Practitioner.
As a GP I became aware that to remain in good health the body and the mind needed to be in harmony. It is generally accepted that to remain physically fit you should not put on weight and you should regularly take some exercise. Coping with the mental stresses and strains of life requires a different approach. The discipline of TM whereby you take 20 minutes twice a day out of your routine to meditate allows the physiology of the body (heart rate, blood pressure and breathing) to return to normal levels. This is akin to rebooting a computer when it is overloaded or recharging your smart phone battery. If prior to meditating you do some stretching exercises, as taught by Yoga teachers, you will get a greater beneficial effect from the meditation.
I believe that everyone should take a responsible attitude towards maintaining good health and meditating goes a long way to achieving this goal.
I have found TM a great help and support. The ability to meditate helps me to cope with the changes that are occurring in my twilight years.”

David ~ Kent