I have been practising TM for nearly 40 years, I learned because I was a worrier, and I was at a turning point in my life, and didn’t know quite what to do, I had just left midwifery and couldn’t make my mind up about various things!
Within a few months of learning TM I learned to drive, got married, and commenced pyschiatric nursing, none of which I have regretted ! Everything seemed to be clearer.

I still worry a little but am a much calmer person, and I just don’t seem right – only half awake if I miss meditation.

What has motivated me to write a testimoial is because of what happened earlier this year, my mother who is blind and quite deaf, had a few falls, she was in hospital for a short while, and then back in her own home. I was visiting her daily and looking after her a great deal, as well as helping with my grandsons.

One day at the weekend, my other two grandsons and their parents had come across from Cheshire to stay, I was driving back from my mothers, when I felt so tired and I suddenly thought – oh’ horror of horrors, I haven’t meditated, and wouldn’t stand much chance when home, so I pulled in at a little chef car park, meditated for 20 minutes, after which I felt so much better, refreshed and energised! It really hit me then just how beneficial TM is, and that I should share this, in the hope that it will inspire others to learn TM.
It is so easy to practise, and although it is good to do it in a quiet place, I have done it at a busy noisy roundabout in Italy!


Retired Health Visitor
North Yorkshire