“Hi, My name is Janice and I work as a housing support worker for vulnerable clients who are homeless. My husband Peter is a Senior Manager for the council dealing with gritting/potholes etc – all the stuff that people love to complain about! We live in Halifax Yorkshire and have been together 38 years. Peter did TM many years ago. I take things FAR too seriously sometimes and have what I call “Dicky fits” mainly at work – or should I say I used to have! (Well if I am honest I used to get angry at people dropping litter, and just telling off any irresponsible idiot that came my way!) I had my appraisal a couple of years ago and my boss challenged me to have only 2 what he calls “temper tantrums” before my next annual appraisal. Around the same time Peter had commented that he had forgotten how to relax. I thought about my challenge and asked my boss to support me going on a 4 day TM course in Manchester. He agreed that if I paid the fee he would give me the time off work (he obviously wanted some peace & quiet!) We went on the course and all I need to say is the following Christmas he shook my hand and at our work Christmas gathering he congratulated me on not losing my temper once. Some of the new staff looked puzzled and said “We have never seen Janice angry/losing it/out of control” etc etc. Every day at 6.30pm my alarm goes off on my phone it says “meditate” and we do. End of story!”
Janice ~ Halifax, Yorkshire.