Another cracking group meditation / TM refresher last night. Remember each Wednesday at 6pm. Look forward to seeing you all next week. Many finding it helpful in re-establishing a meditation routine. Thanks for all the feedback & suggestions, much appreciated. Some comments below :

“Thanks for the fantastic TM meditation meeting tonight – finding it really helpful!” Linda

“Thanks for another great TM session yesterday, I really appreciate the time you are spending on this. I don’t quite understand why it works so well – meditating in front of a computer screen sounds bizarre – but it certainly does for me!

Thanks again”. Maureen

“Another very well-worthwhile session. Once again, I was amazed how quickly the time went. Part of me thinks it’s all Pavlov really (the sound of your voice is so strongly associated with meditation that I’m immediately in that frame of mind), and part of me thinks it’s something to do with the feeling of “being held in the silence”, as we Quakers might say. Or maybe both…..

I’m very impressed with this initiative. It’s green (no-one has to travel), and it’s equal opps too, as there must be meditators who can’t afford to attend the refresher weekends.” Sue