After TM course in Manchester 2 weeks ago

"I’ve generally felt calmer and love the feeling that the meditation brings. Life has been really busy since the course yet I feel that I’m handling the busyness better somehow if that makes sense?  So far we have both found it really helpful." Mary…

Meditation in Manchester

"My husband and I did the TM course with you in Hale, Altrincham back in 2012 I can virtually count on one hand the days I’ve not done any TM since then." Sarah ~ Blackpool
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Memories of last months TM meditation retreat by the sea in Northumberland

It was around the beginning of September when I frantically fired off an email to Chris Greathead - (an apt name I think you’ll agree for a meditation teacher) to see if he had any space left on his annual…
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Upcoming Lakes Retreat For Existing TM Meditators

DATE: Friday 12th to Sunday 14th April, 2019, Rydal Hall (nr Ambleside) Cumbria Idyllic spot in the heart of the Lakes set in beautiful grounds, just outside the lovely town of Ambleside, but a peaceful haven to enjoy a weekend of meditation. The…

Transcendental Meditation in Newcastle upon Tyne

"I was taught TM back in 2002? ish - even when not practising 'all of the time', it is without doubt my 'go to' for everything." Linda ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

7 months after learning Transcendental Meditation in Edinburgh

"The meditation is going well here and I'm now on my 213th consecutive day (mostly with two 20 minute sessions)!" Stuart ~ Glasgow

99 days of Transcendental Meditation

"I am so gutted I missed the refresher yesterday - I ended up having to work at the last minute. The good news is that I've been meditating at least once every day for 99 days! That Insight Timer you recommended keeps my stats and that's…

Still practicing Transcendental Meditation in Japan

"I meditate sometimes when my mind is busy and it really helps me to chill. Thank you so much for teaching me to meditate!" Mari ~ Osaka, Japan

Comments after April's Transcendental Meditation course in Manchester

"Great course and feel calmer" Steve ~ Stockport, Manchester "Excellent" Alexa ~ Manchester "Very good" Joanna ~ Manchester "Really good, calmer and more energy" Jack ~ Manchester