“I’m managing to meditate roughly once per day and am currently finding that first thing in in the morning before the boys wake up is the best/most convenient time.”
Helen ~ Manchester

Great place to meditate, especially when your on a long journey & need a top up.

“I have taken your advice and I meditate in the car, It’s the only way I don’t get interrupted.”
Kim ~ Newcastle

Although Transcendental Meditation was first taught as a spiritual technique when it arrived in the west 60 years ago, it was quickly recognised as an incredibly effective method of coping with the pressures of everyday life. Hence why it is becoming so popular among business people.

Not specifically about TM, but there’s no doubt that many people find a meditation routine can be a major help in coping with depession. (Not sitting like this 🙂 )

Among all the noise and traffic around the White House we came across a sign that said “an introduction to Transcendental Meditation (TM)”. It has changed our lives in a profound way. It’s simple. It’s a gift. And anyone can do it.