“My name is Susan; I live near Newcastle upon Tyne and run my own small business. Eight years ago the world I knew fell apart in an instant. This brought me unbelievable sadness and there were times when I thought my brain would burst as it was constantly full of the stresses and strains of my new life. Then one day I spotted a TM leaflet in a local shop which planted the idea that meditation may be of help to me.  For about a year I considered TM but never found the time for my self as so much else was taking over my life. The unbelievable sadness continued and one day I just decided to be brave and give it a go.  I found my introduction to TM to be straightforward though finding the time to meditate was initially difficult, but with perseverance I have found the benefit of that blissful peace which TM gives me.  I begin TM with my head full of ‘stuff’ but when finished I seem able to prioritise and put things into perspective. TM has also helped me enormously with my blood pressure which began to rise this summer. I was told I needed medication for ‘life’. Hearing the word ‘life’ made my blood pressure rise even further and with the advice from my TM teacher and a blood pressure monitor I have managed to bring my blood pressure down and I am no longer being monitored by my doctor. I am thrilled about this and I know I shall always practice TM as it somehow brings me back down to earth and makes me aware of whom I am.”

Susan ~ Newcastle upon Tyne