“TM is unlike any other form of mediation as it doesn’t involve the need to constantly, consciously clear the mind. With TM, when you notice all the trivia, worries and anxieties, day dreaming etc that happen when you sit still for any length of time – you just redirect yourself back into a meditative state using a personal mantra. Sounds simple and it is, and it’s very effective too. Personally I have been practising TM for several years, 20 minutes a day after work (you should do it twice a day, morning and night, but I find I only do that when on holiday). Previous to TM I found I was suffering from fatigue in the evenings to the point where I was falling asleep regularly before and after tea. Frankly, any written work I did was rubbish. I felt as if the best of my life was going into the day job and I had nothing in reserve for home and family.

Since doing TM I find I have renewed energy for the evening and almost what I would call ‘morning clarity’ for any work I do. I regard TM as a gift. You can do it anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a quiet or even comfortable space. It works even when you think nothing’s happening.”

Jane ~ Newcastle upon Tyne