“Just wanted to say thankyou very much again for the whole experience last weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed it and got an incredible amount from it. The group sessions were extremely enjoyable and helpful,
I’m really enjoying the meditation and look forward to both sessions each day already, and am already seeing real benefit – I seem to have so much more energy and already seem to have a much clearer, happier mind and a key thing for me is that I’ve experienced no stress at work thus far this week, where before weekend the stress levels while at work were enormous each and every day, I’m now seemingly able to let things wash over me and take things as they come.
I’m sure I’ll have ups and downs as everyone does, but suffice to say I’m pretty amazed at how tangible the benefits seem after only 5 days – I cant wait to see what its like in 5 months!”
Andy ~  Bury, Manchester