“David and I are doctors living in Kent, who have been practising TM for nearly 20 years. We were impressed by the research done into TM and the subsequent statistics. Once taught we were immediately taken with the way that we could introduce a time of calm into our day and we felt it would be helpful if our children, then aged 13 yrs and 11 yrs learnt as well. It is now just part of our life and we cannot imagine being without it.
Our daughter now aged 31 yrs,has spent the last 18 mths working for a charity in Mozambique and encountering many stressful and frightening situations and she feels strongly that TM has helped her cope and remain strong. David, soon after learning TM, developed a sudden, very severe headache which was thought to be a bleed into his brain. To make the diagnosis he had to undergo some unpleasant investigations during which his blood pressure was monitored. He told the doctors that he wished to meditate throughout the procedure rather than talk and on the conclusion of this the doctors were amazed that his blood pressure had remained almost unchanged throughout. He made a full recovery.”
Carole ~ Kent