“I first learned TM in the early seventies when it was well publicised by the Beatles.
Having suffering deep depression and after trying anti-depressants and realising I couldn’t function at all on them I decided to give TM a go.
I practised morning and night for a year and it helped a great deal. I was able to go back to work.
Unfortunately my meditating days diminished because I didn’t realise how much it had helped me.
Throughout the years I tried many different meditations but nothing came close to TM and I started to practise again but with children to raise I was not consistent.
Many,many years later I found this independent TM website on-line so decided to go along to the refresher course.
I was at a low time in my life having lost my husband and going through financial problems and my daughters having gone through their teenage years.
I’ve been practising again now for a few short months and my friends and family have noticed the difference in my temperament
Some of my friends have asked my secret as I’m more calm and even tempered and my eldest daughter reckons she can tell if I have not meditated that day!
My youngest daughter just notices that we don’t argue so much and life is more pleasant!
As for myself, I just wish I’d meditated throughout my life and life may have been a more pleasant experience.
I almost forgot the reason I looked the site up on-line was because my blood pressure had been raised for a while and I wanted to try to lower it in a natural way and since meditating again its down to a normal safe level.”
Rosalind ~ Dorset