“I learnt TM about ten years ago when my young son was a toddler. I was working full time and felt overwhelmed with everyday life. Being a mum and holding down a professional job was starting to make me tired and irritable, something which I didn’t want, especially for my son and husband. I found a TM leaflet in a really unlikely place (a hair salon I think) and immediately thought it could help me.

I contacted Chris and organised a session where I learnt how to meditate and after less than a week I felt revived and I could view my own life with more clarity. TM is a valuable tool to successfully navigate the 21st century and I view it as a daily dose of ‘downtime’ which I suspect everyone needs but many miss out on. I would recommend TM to anyone at all, you don’t need to feel tired or stressed to benefit from TM.”
Madelaine ~ Newcastle upon Tyne